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The HTC One S Includes Plenty Of Built In Navigation Apps

The HTC One S comes pre-installed with a number of navigation applications which work seamlessly with the handset’s GPS functionality. In this article I will look in more detail at some of these and the benefits they provide. HTC Locations The HTC Locations app is provided as standard on the HTC One S, and works in a similar way to the popular Google Maps application which is also provided as standard on all Android and iOS devices. HTC Locations has a number of differences though. One of the most attractive features of the app is that you can download a map for a number of different countries, which is ideal for when you are planning on going travelling. The map will be stored on the phone itself, so you do not need to stream the map over a cellular network connection which as you may know, can quickly rack up substantial charges when outside your home country. This way, you can easily find your way around your new surroundings without worrying about the cost. All that’s required is to ensure that you have downloaded the relevant map for the location, and that you have GPS turned on when you are using the Locations app. To do this on your HTC One S, simply open the settings menu and tap the Locations option. From here you can then toggle the ‘Enable GPPS Satellites’ option on and off. HTC Navigation Also included as a standard app o the HTC One S, the HTC Navigation app provides a number of similarities to the Locations app, but has the added bonus of a turn by turn navigation service. The HTC One S therefore has the ability to replace a SatNav unit, which can be quite a money saver. In fact, the Navigation app even says the names of roads, which is a feature which many standalone SatNav units lack. This feature does require a yearly subscription, however, there is a 30 day free trial the first time you use the service. The HTC One S is the perfect phone to take advantage of these apps. The high resolution screen means that the maps look fantastic, and the sound quality is enhanced by the Beats Audio system. The phone also of course has GPS connectivity included, and as mentioned this removes the need to be connected to a data service like 3G or your network provider’s coverage. If you are planning on going travelling, the HTC Locations app is perfect. If you regularly drive to places you are unfamiliar with, the HTC Navigation service can also help. The HTC One X makes the most of these app, making it perfect for navigation tasks, and of course also offers plenty of other features which add to its appeal.


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