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xLoud for more sound from the Sony Xperia S

A louder experience with the Sony Xperia S and its xLoud functionality which provides maximised sound and audio filter technology to produce better mobile audio. The handset also features an impressive 12.1 megapixel camera and PlayStation gaming. The phone provides easy messaging and email features along with the Web brought to life through a large 4.3 inch display with Bravia technology as well as offering great gaming opportunities with the integrated PlayStation. Good connectivity and a powerful main camera which can capture High Definition video too, all provide a great smartphone which allows you to do many things seamlessly. You can also customise where shortcuts are across a multiple view home screen and add new apps from Android Market, to run on the Gingerbread (version 2.3) operating system offered. Of course this wouldn’t be a Sony handset unless the Xperia S is also offering a fantastic set of music capabilities which allow you to enjoy your music and take it with you on your wherever you go. As with other handsets such as the Sony Xperia P latest deals this device provides a preinstalled music player which shows your music with album artwork and sorted by artist, album and track. Additionally, you can use the shuffle feature to play songs in no particular order, and create smart playlists based on genre and other details. The clear stereo feature provides well defined sound while the xLoud offers maximization of audio through the phone’s speakers, making it unbelievably loud from such a thin handset. You can download more music with PlayNow and get to know what a track is with the TrackID music recognition software also offered. As part of the connectivity, the Bluetooth present on the handset also supports A2DP which allows you to use a compatible Bluetooth stereo headset for music listening, as an alternative to utilizing the also present 3.5 millimetre jack connection respectively. Meanwhile, with the impressive xLoud you can not only enjoy your music out loud, but also watch movies and play PlayStation games on your phone, with great sound effects. One other good feature is that you can easily select a song form your music collection to be a rigatoni and assign different music tones for different people, letting you hear who’s calling. With so many great features this handset is packed with entertainment and functionality which allows you to capture photos and videos, play full console games and enjoy your music. The Sony Xperia S best contracts a thin and lightweight design accompanied by a lot of substance.


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