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A Review Of The Striking White iPhone 4 And The Feature Packed HTC Sensation

The Apple iPhone 4 is now available in a White colour variant, adding fresh appeal to this most popular of smartphones. The specifications of this remain the same as the original black version, and, although impressive, there are a number of new smartphones which offer the latest in smartphone technology such as the HTC Sensation.


In this article I will compare the White iPhone 4 and the HTC Sensation. If you are looking for a new smartphone you can use this information to decide which may be best suited to your needs.


The White iPhone 4 offers the same impressive spec list that made the original version a bestseller; a hi-res touchscreen, 5 megapixel digital camera with 720p HD video capture, 1GHz processor and of course the legendary AppStore which makes hundreds of thousands of apps available for download directly to the phone. The added bonus of this white version though, and indeed a large proportion of its appeal is the new colour scheme which makes the device a real head-turner. Style conscious users as well as Apple fans in general will find this a very appealing aspect of the phone. This combined with the high performance of the device makes the White iPhone 4 a winner.


The HTC Sensation is the new flagship smartphone from the increasingly popular HTC brand. The spec list showcases some of the latest advancements in smartphone technology. For example, the handset boasts a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor which enables stunning performance from almost every aspect of the performance. You can expect lightening fast response times from the touchscreen, efficient multitasking, faster loading of web pages and the ability to run more powerful applications. Aside from the processor, the camera is also a superb aspect of the HTC Sensation. The 8 megapixel unit operates at a very high resolution, resulting in superb quality still images, and can even capture HD video footage in full 1080p quality, and thanks to DLNA connectivity you can wirelessly stream your photos and videos to a compatible TV to enjoy your handiwork on the big screen.


As you can see both handsets offer impressive spec lists. The HTC Sensation boasts some of the latest advancements in smartphone technology and on paper at least, beats the White iPhone 4 in many respects. In reality though, the White iPhone 4 still offers a great user experience, and thanks to operating system updates remains relatively future proof on the software side of things at least. Choosing between the two therefore is likely to come down to personal preference to a certain degree. If you are already a fan of Apple products the White iPhone 4 is likely to find favour, but if you are serious about owning an advanced smartphone the HTC Sensation may be the right choice for you. Saying that, the iPhone 5 is due for release later this year and at this point we can only speculate what technological treats this will offer, and who knows, it may blow the HTC Sensation out of the water.     

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