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An Overview Of The Excellent Blackberry Torch

The Blackberry Torch has proven to be a relatively successful handset for RIM. Boasting a touchscreen as well as a slide out physical QWERTY keyboard, it is a great choice for those who like the best of both worlds. In this article I will give an overview of the key features of the Blackberry Torch, and look at the benefits it offers its users.


As mentioned, the Blackberry Torch has both a touchscreen and physical keyboard. Having both makes it a relatively chunky device, but many see this as a bonus, as the days of the “the smaller the better” attitude towards mobile phones is long gone, with the emphasis nowadays on the features and the technology of the devices. The screen measures up at 3.2 inches so is perfectly proportioned for navigating the Blackberry 6.0 OS, browsing the web, gaming and browsing photos and selecting music tracks. The keyboard is especially useful for those who like to send a lot of text messages or emails and prefer the use of a physical keyboard to that of an onscreen QWERTY keyboard. This is one of the factors that make it an excellent business phone, as it allows you to efficiently compose emails, create and edit word documents, excel spreadsheets and even PowerPoint presentations.


There is plenty of storage available in the Blackberry Torch. 4 GB is included as standard and allows users to store hundreds of photos, music tracks, videos, MS Office documents and downloaded apps. As an added bonus, the storage is expandable thanks to a microSD card slot. This can accommodate a card of up to 32 GB but there is a 4 GB card installed standard, so there is 8 GB available right out of the box.


One of the main selling points for smartphones these days is the built in digital camera, and this is an area where the Blackberry Torch does not disappoint. Operating at 5 megapixels, it produces pleasing results, with very high quality still images, as well as the ability to shoot VGA video footage at 24 fps. An LED flash is included for low lighting conditions, and autofocus keeps things simple for the user so they can concentrate on taking the perfect snapshot.


The Blackberry Torch is a very good web browsing phone. With both 3G and Wi-Fi connections, it makes for a fuss free browsing experience. The connections are fast, reliable and easy to setup, whilst the web browsing software is very user friendly. The browser even supports embedded flash content, so games, videos and graphics can be viewed which would normally be out of bounds for lesser smartphones.


There is of course much more to the Blackberry Torch than what I have covered in this article, but as you can see it is a very versatile device, and has appeal to many different types of user. It makes a great alternative to the usual Apple and HTC handsets that everyone seems to own these days.

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