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Angry Birds Just One Of Many Super Games Available For The HTC Evo 3D

Android is the fastest growing mobile phone operating system available. At present Apples iPhone Operating System offers the biggest range of applications for downloads but experts predict that over the next twelve months Android may well over gain the pole position. Part of the reason behind this massive growth is the range of excellent phones that use the Android platform which include the award winning Samsung Galaxy S2 and the best selling HTC Desire S. A new top specification model is about to join them in the shape of the HTC Evo 3D, a phone which not only offers superb specification but also the added bonus of 3D facilities. We take a look at the very best Android applications that are available for this new model.

Thanks to the power boasted by many modern mobiles they have become increasingly popular as portable games consoles and most owners can boast at least a couple of titles amongst their applications. The most popular title is undoubtedly Angry Birds, a puzzle based arcade game that has become a global sensation. The developers of the title have announced that the next version of the game will be designed for 3D handsets, and given that the Evo 3D is the best phone of its kind available this title is a must have purchase for the phone. Quite how the design of the game will differ from original version is not known but one can only imagine how great the game could look in glorious 3D.

Even some of the most basic applications can benefit from 3D Technology. The weather application on the HTC Evo 3Dis a perfect example of what the technology can bring to basic phone functions. You may not be able to change the forecast but viewing it is a pleasure with the 3D animations making you feel as if you are actually there. Another basic facility due for an overhaul is Google Maps and we can expect a 3D version imminently. The feature will enable to have a full 3D look around the location of your choice and make you feel as though you are actually standing on the street corner. The maps feature may not be the most exciting but with Google behind it and the new technology incorporated it may prove one of the very best features for this new device.

Perhaps the application that is likely to be used most of all on the Evo 3D is the camera facility which will give you a chance to wow your friends with the phones technology. The dual cameras that are built in to the model enable you to capture incredible images that really do stand out from the screen. There may be dozens of forthcoming application that offer 3D in one form or another but nothing quite beats looking at your own images that you have just captured.

The HTC Evo 3D was always going to be a great phone but in order to be successful it needs suitable software to back it up. It is clear that developers have been hard at work on excellent titles and now all we can do is wait for this exciting handset to be released.

The HTC Evo 3D and the Samsung Chromebook Series 5 are coming soon.


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