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Can the Blackberry 9900 Bold Touch Outshine The Superb Samsung Galaxy S2

Such has been the impact of Samsungs superb Galaxy S2 on the mobile phone world that any new handset will inevitably be measured against this model. The Samsung is one of those rare phones where every element falls nicely into place from the looks to the features, from the performance to functionality. Another big name in the mobile phone world is Blackberry and their latest device, the 9900 Bold Touch, goes back to the brands roots by offering a full Qwerty keypad in a candy bar design. Can this exciting new model rival the Galaxy S2 or does the seemingly invincible Samsung come out on top yet again?

The problem with the Bold 9900 is that it is your traditional Blackberry. RIM have experimented with models such as the Torch with quite limited success so quite rightly they have stuck with what they know best on this model. The issue with this traditional design is that it will never win any awards for style. The full Qwerty keypad boasts superb functionality but inevitably leaves the model looking a little over crowded, especially when you consider that half of the phones fascia is required for the screen. The Samsung Galaxy S2 on the other hand has a distinct lack of buttons with the manufacturers relying upon the superb 4.3 inch display to offer users all of the functions they require. With this screen dominating the front of the phone and the slim 8.5mm depth catching the eye the phone looks superb with a mix of straight lines and right angles keeping the phone looking like the ultra modern device that it is. On the subject of the screen the Samsung uses Super AMOLED technology to excellent effect with the display perfectly blending bright and vivid images together with a deep and natural colours. The Bold 9900 screen is much smaller at 2.3 inches with the reduced size necessary for the keypad to be incorporated. The smaller size however does not signify a drop in quality with the 640 x 480 resolution maximised to offer an impressive 287 dots per inch which actually exceeds what the Galaxy S2 can offer.

Thanks to the large screen on the Samsung Galaxy S2the phone is a huge success among multi media lovers and an important aspect with this type of usage is the storage capacity that the device can offer. There are two size of Galaxy S2 available with the smaller 16GB variety ample for the average user whilst those wanting to push the phone to its limits will opt for the larger 32GB size. These two sizes alone are adequate but the developers have also fitted a micro SD card slot into the model meaning a further 32GB can be added. Despite looking relatively lightweight against the Samsung the Blackberry actually offers a very hefty 8GB of internal storage together with the same micro SD facilities. Both of these phones offer good camera features but the Samsung comes out on top thanks to an 8 mega pixel snapper as opposed to the 5 million pixel unit fitted on the Blackberry. Both phones handle video footage well with 1080P capture available on the Samsung and the Bold 9900 offering 720P quality.

The Blackberry Bold 9900 impresses and takes the hugely popular original Blackberry format and brings it bang up to date. The Samsung Galaxy S2 however has a little to much in reserve and once again reigns victorious.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is available now and the Blackberry 9900 Bold Touch is coming soon


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