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Gaming Fans Will Love The New Hub Offered On The Samsung Galaxy S2

Asides from its superb specification one of the main attractions of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is its superb user friendliness. The Touchwiz user interface used by the model has undergone an update which has further improved what was a very good platform. Part of this interface has seen the inclusion of a series of Hubs. These are sections of the phone dedicated to certain uses and on this model they do work superbly. Most people are familiar with the principle of a social hub which deals with your contacts and social networking accounts but what other options are available to the user?

Thanks to larger screens and more powerful processors more and more mobile devices are being used for games with some of the more top end handsets offering graphics quality on a par with some mobile gaming units. The Galaxy S2 offers a Gaming Hub which is split into two sections that offer different functions. One section offer the user lots of free content including several pre installed titles, some of which are very impressive. The "Air Hockey" title is perfect for a device of this kind and takes full advantage of the touch sensitive screen and vivid colours that are on offer. The second part of the Hub handles the premium content which users can opt to download with many titles costing around £3 which is very reasonable. Another great aspect of this is that many of the titles offer the user a free trial which gives you a chance to really experience the game before you chose to purchase it.

The Samsung Galaxy S2offers users a Reader Hub which is the firms take on hugely successful platforms such as the Amazon Kindle. Once again the high resolution of the screen together with the size means a variety of material such as books and magazines can be displayed and look just as if they are on a printed page. The layout of this Hub is very attractive and when you first open the application you are presented with three bookshelves on your screen which you can fill up with material of your choice. This material can vary from newspapers to magazines to books and each category has its own shelf on the homescreen to keep things nice and simple. Perhaps the most impressive is the newspaper area which has seen a rapid growth in the last twelve months and gives you the opportunity to have your favourite one delivered to your handset everyday. There are even seven free issues available with the phone just to get you started.

Excellent features such as these two are what have helped transform the Samsung Galaxy S2 from a powerful phone to user friendly and enjoyable device. Added to some of the other excellent features that are on offer they really do help make up what is a near perfect total package.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Nokia E6 are available now.


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