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HTCs Excellent Sensation Takes On The Nokia N9

The arrival of the Nokia N9 signifies the firms targeting of the top end of the smartphone market in 2011. Nokia Symbian phones have always proved reliable devices but have often lacked a little compared with the likes of HTC and Apple. Seeing that this model has its sights set firmly on the premium end of the market then it seems only fair that we compare it with one of the very best handsets available in the shape of the HTC Sensation. So can Nokia make a serious impression in this sector or does the N9 come up short in this instance?

It is very hard to choose any current model that can stand up against the N9 for looks thanks to the really modern design of the phone. Granted the Sensation is one of the better looking phones currently available but the N9 is really in a league all of its own. The N9 offers a mix of clinically straight edges with a curved screen which gives the phone an almost futuristic look and feel especially with its lack of physical buttons. The HTC Sensation is more traditional in terms of its appearance but is still nonetheless an attractive device. It takes on a similar form to other models from the brand but does add some elements that freshen up the overall look such as a tricolour backplate. This undoubtedly gives the phone a premium look and feel which is perfectly matched with the high end specification that the model offers.

If you put the Apple Retina display to one side the HTC Sensation offers the best screen currently available. A number of factors contribute towards this which include the large size but with a suitably matched high resolution of 540 x 960 pixels. This results in the display offering an extremely high pixel density rating of 256 per square inch which in turn means that users can enjoy vivid images on all manner of material. Unfortunately the Nokia N9 cannot live up to this and offers 238 which in itself is still a great quality. What the Nokia does offer however is an AMOLED display which helps produce a wonderfully sharp image together with viewing angles that the S-LCD screen on the Sensation would find hard to beat.

When it comes to actually using your phone on a day to day basis you will not be disappointed with what the HTC Sensationcan offer. A chipset of the highest quality is included and this incorporates a powerful 1.2Ghz dual core processor. This puts the device in the same league as the Samsung Galaxy S in terms of performance. Luckily for Nokia they are not trailing to far behind in this area and also offer a great quality processor. Despite only accommodating a single core chip it still gives great performance speeds thanks to its 1Ghz ARM Processor.

Nokias latest attempts are valiant indeed and the N9 will appeal to many consumers who are basing their purchasing decision upon looks. When it comes to performance however they still fall slightly short of what the likes of HTC offer on the Sensation handset.

The HTC Sensation is available now and the Nokia N9 is coming soon


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