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Multimedia On The HTC Desire HD And The HTC Wildfire

These days we make use of our phones for things other than making a call or sending a text message. We also use our phones for multimedia. If you are looking for the key multimedia features on the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Wildfire, you will find out more about them here.

HTC Wildfire

The Wildfire comes with a 5 MP color camera. It comes with additional features such as autofocus, flash, and geotagging. With the phone's high-speed internet capabilities, it is capable easily allowing you to upload your videos and pictures to your chosen social network. It also comes with a Photos Application for viewing pictures and watching videos.

When it comes to music, you can play anything from tracks to albums stored in as much a 32 GB microSD card. This will allow you to take your music no matter where you may be. If in case you want to listen to the radio, look no further. The phone comes with its own FM radio that will allow you to listen to local broadcasts.

When it comes to videos, the touch screen phone does not just allow you to watch videos stored in the phone's memory. It also allows you to seamlessly stream videos on YouTube. This will give you more options for your viewing pleasure.

HTC Desire HD

You will get nothing but camera supremacy with the Desire HD. The phone comes integrated with an 8 MP digital camera. It is capable of recording high-definition videos and capturing high-resolution images. It also has additional image enhancing features such as dual Led flash, autofocus, face detection, geotagging, and more image enhancing effects.

When it comes to music, you will not only enjoy a high capacity microSD and an FM radio. You will also enjoy more high-quality sound. You will enjoy SRS virtual surround sound and Dolby Mobile. With these features, you will feel as if you have a home entertainment system that fits in your hands.

With the amount of storage space the phone has to offer, you can watch your HD videos and enjoy them in high-quality sound. Furthermore, with faster internet capabilities, you can stream HD-quality videos off popular video streaming websites such as YouTube.

When multimedia comes to mind, these two phones have the features you have been looking for. From the superior to the extremely high-quality, you will find the multimedia features on the HTC Desire HD and the HTC Wildfire more to your liking.


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