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Reviewing The Best-Selling Apple iPhone 4 And The Hi Spec New Blackberry Bold Touch 9900

Blackberry and Apple are two of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world. Their current flagship handsets offer impressive specifications, but they are two very different phones.


The new Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 offers a Qwerty keyboard combined with a small touchscreen and seems to be pitched largely at the business user, whereas the Apple iPhone 4 offers something for everyone. In this article I will offer a comparison of the two to help you choose the right smartphone.


iPhone 4

The wildly popular iPhone 4 boasts one of the most impressive spec lists of any smartphone currently available. With its 3.5 inch retina display offering the highest pixel resolution of any smartphone on the market, multimedia users are in for a treat with superb display quality and a super responsive touchscreen thanks to the 1 GHz Apple A4 processor. The AppStore is on hand to offer hundreds of thousands of Apps from every imaginable category. These take advantage of the hardware on offer, and increases the potential of the handset in terms of functionality and entertainment value tremendously. Also, the iPod function, in conjunction with the ample internal storage (starting at 16GB) means that users no longer have to carry a separate MP3 player to enjoy their favourite music tracks on the go. Aside from the technology on offer, the iPhone 4 has become something of a design icon, with its modern styling and durable steel and glass construction. The popularity of the iPhone 4 is testament to its features and the experience they provide. At the time of writing we are only a short while away from the official announcement of the iPhone 5, so who knows what marvels this will include.


Blackberry Bold Touch 9900

Whilst the Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 offers an ideal productivity companion for the business user, it seems to lack a certain “wow factor” that you get with the Apple handset. That said, this is a handset aimed almost exclusively at excelling at functionality. The handset does however appear more refined and well built than previous Bold models. This is the first Bold handset to come with a touchscreen, and combines this with the physical Qwerty keyboard that Blackberry devices have become known for. Whether you are a business user or a Blackberry fan, this is a welcome improvement over its predecessors. There are a number of performance enhancements, in fact this actually beats the iPhone 4 with a 1.2 GHz processor, and offers a similar 5 megapixel camera. The basic functions between these handsets are relatively similar, although the iPhone 4 offers more downloadable Apps and an arguably more user friendly interface.


Whilst it would be easy to say that one phone is better than the other, we need to remember that they are aimed at different demographics and are designed to carry out different tasks for the most part. One thing is for sure though; they are both great phones and deserve their rightful place as the respective manufacturers’ smartphones. Either one is a great investment once you have decides which one best suits your individual needs.


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