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Reviewing The Internet Surfing Capabilities Of The Powerful Samsung Galaxy S2 And HTC Desire S

When it comes to the benefits of smartphone ownership, everyone has different opinions as to which features are most important. Many though will say that the most used or handiest feature is the ability to browse the web on the go.


In this article I will compare the HTC Desire S and the Samsung Galaxy Ss in their web browsing capabilities. To do this I will look at features such as the processors, screens, and download speeds to determine which is the most proficient web browser. Why these two handsets? They offer some of the best features available from their respective manufacturers. The Samsung model is more advanced in many respects, but the Desire S offers the kind of technology found on the majority of newer smartphones, so by comparing the two we can see if it is worth the extra investment for the likes of the Galaxy S2, or if it is wiser to stick to handsets with similar features to the HTC phone.



The first feature we will look at is the processor. This is an essential part of smartphones, and responsible for a great deal of performance. That said many people often overlook the processor when choosing a new phone. When browsing the web, the processor is responsible for the loading speed of web pages, and allows embedded flash content such as games and videos to run smoothly. So how do our pair of smartphones fair in this department? The Samsung Galaxy S2 boasts a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor compared to the 1 GHz single core offering found in the HTC Desire S. The Galaxy S2 therefore has more processing power at its disposal, resulting in faster loading times, as well as other features such as improved response times from the touchscreen. The HTC Desire S with its 1 GHz processor is by no means slow, and the performance still great, but it has to be said that the next generation technology utilised by the Samsung Galaxy S2 definitely has the edge in this department. 



To enjoy your favourite websites to their full potential, a decent screen is essential. The Samsung Galaxy S2 has the larger of the two at 4.3 inches, which is considerably larger than the 3.7 inch screen of the HTC Desire S. They both however, offer the same pixel resolution of 480x 800, which means that the display quality is very similar. It is therefore down to personal preference between the two; whether you prefer a larger screen (which means a larger phone overall), or a slightly smaller screen for a more pocket friendly phone. Although the resolutions of the screens are the same, the actual technology which delivers the content is very different. The HTC Desire S utilises S-LCD capacitive touchscreen technology, whilst the Samsung Galaxy S2 has a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen. On paper these are very different, but in reality they both offer excellent display quality and responsive touchscreen times, with only minor noticeable differences.


Web Browsing Speeds

 Both handsets, as most smartphones do, offer internet access via both 3G coverage (by means of an HSDPA connection) as well as Wi-Fi. The latter allows both handsets to connect to local wireless networks for a fast and reliable connection. The HTC Desire S, in 3G covered areas, offers download speeds of up to 14.4 Mbps, which is among the fastest speeds available. This means that data is downloaded quickly; a good way to explain this is in the case of streaming video. the higher the download speeds, the less time it takes for the video to buffer, so the video loads and plays smoothly. The Samsung Galaxy S2 offers even faster download rates of 21 Mbps, which is a speed shared only with a couple of other handsets.


As you can see, both handsets are equipped to offer a great browsing experience. For everyday use, the majority of users will be pleased with the experience provided by the HTC Desire S. If you are a heavy web user, or into your technology you will surely find the Samsung Galaxy S2 a more attractive option.

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