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Share Your Home Movies On The iPhone 4 Thanks To Air Play

There are many great features on the iPhone 4 but perhaps the one that is currently most talked about is the excellent Air Play feature. This facility relates to multi media material on your handset and how to enjoy this in the best possible way on other equipment in your home such as a large screen television or stereo system.

The key feature about Air Play is that it is wireless, long gone are the day when you had to hunt for a specific lead just to get your photos up on screen. The iPhone 4 streams your material providing you have also purchased the Apple TV system. This little box connects to your home television and enables interaction between peripherals such as your home computer and your phone. Once Apple TV is connected the partnership works via WiFi and really does enable you to enjoy the material you have on your phone. When both units are connected to the same network a small icon appears on your phone when viewing certain material. If you want to see this material on the large screen simply tap the icon and the rest is done automatically. This is great if you want to show friends and family your latest photographs or video you have captured. The nice element about this is that you still use the phone as your remote control so you can continue to browse in the same manner as before but with everybody enjoying your material.

Undoubtedly one of the standout features of the iPhone 4is the iPod facility. The iPod is known around the world and the fact that Apples phones incorporate this wonderful audio player is a real bonus. There are times when you want to enjoy your music however through big speakers with the volume turned up and this can be done with the help of Air Play enabled speakers. Some of the biggest manufacturers in the speaker world such as B&W, Denon and JBL have produced such loudspeakers. With a pair of these in your home you can effectively turn your iPhone 4 into a HiFi system and there is even the opportunity to install multiple Air Play speakers throughout your home and give them individual names. The advantage in doing this is that when you are having a party you can select the lounge speakers or if you are having a soak in the bath then the bathroom set can be selected. Not so many years ago people paid thousands of pounds to have true multi room audio throughout their home, now it can be done via your mobile phone.

Air Play is just one of many superb features on the iPhone 4 and one of the reasons why this model stays ahead of the chasing pack in terms of innovation and user friendliness.

The iPhone 4 and the HTC Salsa are available now.


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