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Silver Edition N8 Joins the New Nokia N8 Range

The new Nokia N8 is due to be released in a sleek silver edition alongside its four other colour schemes which are black, blue, orange and green, this latest Nokia phone is breaking new ground for both the manufacturer and the industry with new technology and features never seen before.

The big feature that is a first for the manufacturer is the inclusion of a 12 mega pixel camera in the Nokia N8 Silver, and although more mega pixels do not mean better pictures the N8 has conquered this by including a 28mm lens which is the largest on the market alongside Carl Ziess optics for high quality photo capture.

The Silver Nokia N8 is also the first ever mobile phone to introduce an HDMI socket, the reason becomes apparent when you discover that the phone can record HD quality video at 720p which can then be played back on HD TVs by plugging in an HDMI cable directly into the phone.

The design of the new Nokia N8 is also very different to any other Nokia handset with a bevelled finish to the top and bottom of the phones casing, the main 3.5 inch touch screen offers an OLED display for bright imaging and there are a whole host of connectivity options available.

These include WiFi, 3.5G support for fast internet surfing, HSDPA for quick file download as well as GPS for satellite navigation and bluetooth. The Nokia N8 Silver edition has a massive internal memory of 16GB which can also be further expanded with MicroSD cards which is ideal for storing all of those high quality pictures and videos clips.

In terms of competition the new HTC Desire offers a larger AMOLED touch screen at 3.7 inches but only a 5.0 mega pixel camera but can record HD video and the Sony Ericsson Vivaz also support 720p HD video capture but from its 8 mega pixel camera. Another possible rival could be the new iPhone, still not confirmed as launching as the iPhone 4, 4G or HD this new handset has now been confirmed as offering HD video capture but as with all Apple products this will come with a hefty price tag.

The Silver Nokia N8 is to retail as a SIM Free phone at just £350, that is very much cheaper than the HTC Desire and certainly the new iPhone 4HD and puts the phone in a very affordable price bracket for many consumers.

With its vibrant colour schemes, funky new design and high specification technology the new Nokia N8 looks to be a real winner, there is no confirmed release date for the N8 from any of the networks as they battle it out to secure exclusive rights over the different colour variants, however the SIM Free and unlocked version of this latest Nokia phone will be available from early September.


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