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Social Networking Is Straightforward With FriendStream On The Amazing HTC Desire HD

Aside from the recently released Sensation and Evo 3D, the HTC Desire HD is one of the most advanced smartphones from the Taiwanese manufacturer. It was also until recently the flagship smartphone of the company. It has proven to be very popular indeed, bringing together everything that is good about smartphones.


Social networking integration is one of the most popular aspects of smartphone ownership. HTC has created a useful app for handsets such as the HTC Desire HD, which runs the HTC Sense user interface. In this article I will look at how the application works, and the advantages it has for its users.


The FriendStream App – What Is It?

FriendStream is an app which is included as standard on the HTC Sense UI, the manufacturer’s custom Android skin for handsets such as the HTC Desire HD. It cleverly combines data from both Facebook and Twitter – the two largest and most popular social networking sites – into one feed which displays information from both sites. This is displayed in chronological order, rather than being sorted by individual sites. This allows users to get an overview of what is going on in their social world from one screen, rather than having to log into each site individually.


How Do I Set It Up?

Setting up your FriendStream widget couldn’t be easier. By taking advantage of the 7 customisable homescreens offered on the HTC Desire HD, simply swipe the UI until you are presented with a blank screen. Then simply hold your finger down on the screen and you will be presented with a menu of widgets. Select FriendStream and it will instantly install on the homescreen. You then need to log in to both your Facebook and Twitter accounts, and you r information will then be saved, meaning you do not have to log in every time you use the widget. Once you have done this you will be presented with a realtime feed of status updates, check-ins, comments and likes, as well as new posts and Tweets from all your friends and followers from both sites.


What Tasks Can I Carry Out With FriendStream?

Once you have FriendStream installed on your HTC Desire HD, you can carry out all the tasks you can on a normal computer, within both Facebook and Twitter; these include new status updates, check-ins, posts etc with Facebook, and with Twitter you can post new Tweets as well as keep up to date with your following list and followers. By integrating both social networks, you can update your status on Facebook and automatically have it posted as a new tweet in Twitter, should you choose. This function can be turned on or off in the setting menu.


As you can see the HTC Desire HD is great for social networkers thanks to the inclusion of FriendStream. This handy widget is sure to prove ideal even for those who are not big fans of social networking but still like to stay up to date. FriendStream is available as standard on all HTC handsets which run the Sense UI, such as the Desire HD, Desire, Desire S, Wildfire, Wildfire S, Incredible S, Evo 3D and Sensation.    

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