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The All New Apple iPhone 4S - Numerous Upgrades Over The Original iPhone 4

The new Apple iPhone 4S was recently announced, and whilst many were expecting Apple to announce an iPhone 5, few can argue that the new specifications of the handset are anything short of impressive.


Apple has improved on the winning formula it came up with in the iPhone 4. As the world’s best selling smartphone, this is no easy achievement. But, as is the case with smartphone technology, it is advancing at an alarming rate. Apple has included the likes of an improved camera, faster download rates for better web browsing, a new dual-core processor and an all-new voice recognition system called Siri.


The styling of the phone is the same as the iPhone 4, and unlike its predecessor, it will be available in both black and white colour variants upon its release which is scheduled for later this month. It is likely that the styling has not changed due to the fact that the iPhone 4 is widely regarded as one of the best looking phones of all time, so why change a winning formula? It is just as thin as 9.3mm, although it is even lighter (by 3 grams) than its predecessor. It also retains the glass back and front, along with the retina display which was such as major draw of the iPhone 4.


The iPhone 4S is equipped with a new Apple A5 1GHz dual-core processor. Although iPhones are renowned for being responsive and intuitive to use, this new chip takes performance to s new level. Not only does it improve performance in the domains usually associated with the processor (multitasking, screen responsiveness, speeds of application operation, web page loading times etc) but it also allows for so called “dual-core graphics”. This takes the gaming aspect of the handset to a new level. Apple claims that this will increase the quality of the graphics seven fold, compared to the original iPhone 4.


The camera has also seen a complete overhaul, with the manufacturer working its magic on nearly every part of the hardware and many parts of the software which make up the camera package.  Video is now in full 1080p HD (compared to the previous version’s 720p), and thanks to the processor, the camera app can take a picture within 1.3 seconds of being opened, with additional shots only requiring 0.5 seconds between pictures. The picture quality itself is also improved thanks to 5 lenses being incorporated, as well as a new face recognition system, and the ability to capture 73% more light than the previous version.


The evolution of the iPhone series continues to amaze consumers. These new features are sure to be welcomed with open arms, and can only increase the anticipation of the next instalment of this wildly successful series.

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