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The Amazing Samsung Galaxy S2 Features An 8 Megapixel Digital Camera With HD Video Capture

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is the new flagship smartphone for the manufacture. It has already proven to be extremely popular despite only being available for a few months. It offers a spec list which provides the latest smartphone technology and combines this with style and ease of use, no doubt explaining its popularity.


There are many impressive features of this phone, but in this article I will look at how the Samsung Galaxy S2 performs as a cameraphone.


The Hardware

The Samsung Galaxy S2 boasts an impressive 8 megapixel digital camera. This pixel count is made up of a resolution of 3264x 2448 which as you can image produces very high quality still images. The quality of the still images is impressive, but so is the video footage that this device is capable of capturing. It is capable of capturing 1080p full high definition footage. This is the highest resolution that can be captured on a cameraphone, and in this area it puts the vast majority of its competition to shame.


The Software

Being such a high end smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with a comprehensive software package to accompany the camera’s hardware. This features the likes of geo-tagging which takes advantage of the phones built in GPS and automatically tags the location at which a photo was taken and users can then browse photos by location. Face and smile detection is also included, and this automatically detects when a person’s face is in the picture and tells the autofocus function where to zoom for the best picture every time. Image stabilisation is another handy feature which is included. This eliminates the slight movement of the hand that often occurs when taking a photo, ensuring that photos are not blurry and come out perfect first time.


There are many other features included which add to the appeal of the Samsung Galaxy S2 as a cameraphone. Additionally, many of the other specifications add to the effectiveness of the device when it comes to using the camera. For example, the 1.2 GHz processor, arguably the main selling point of this phone, ensures that the camera application loads instantly, and the picture is captured the moment the photos is taken. Also, the impressive 4.3 inch high resolution screen is on hand to display your handiwork in all its glory with up to 16 million colours being displayed within 480x 800 pixels, so it really does your photos and videos justice. With storage starting at 16GB with the option to increase storage by 32 GB thanks to a microSD card, there is plenty of storage on offer so you can store thousands of photos and numerous video clips on the phone before you have to worry about deleting them to make room for new ones. You can also utilise the DLNA connectivity to wirelessly stream photos and videos to a compatible computer or TV screen so you can enjoy your handiwork on the big screen in high definition. Additionally, you can instantly share your pictures and clips on your favourite social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, for the world to see, literally a few seconds after they were taken.


As you can see, the Samsung Galaxy S2 performs well as a cameraphone, and although there are a lot of other impressive features on this handset, anyone serious about photography could do a lot worse than to choose the Samsung Galaxy S2.


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