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The Amazing Sony Ericsson Mini Pro And The Nokia E7 Provide Internet Browsing On The Go

There is a lot of demand these days for smartphones which come with both a touchscreen and a slide out Qwerty keyboard. Two of the more impressive ones on the market are the Sony Ericsson Mini Pro and the Nokia E7. Although they both offer the combination of the keyboard and touchscreen, they are actually very different phones when you take a closer look at the spec lists.


In this article I will do just that. I will compare some of the key features of the devices, so you can come to your own conclusion as to which is the better smartphone.



As the name suggest, the Sony Ericsson Mini Pro is a compact device, and only weighs in at 136 grams. The size and weight will be an advantage for some, and a negative for others, as this naturally means the phone has a smaller screen, at 3 inches. The Nokia E7 is a more sizeable object with a large 4 inch touchscreen, making navigation and display clarity better.



The Nokia E7 is handy for both business users and those who like to keep a lot of music tracks stored on their phone. With 16 GB of internal storage as standard, a generous amount of files can be kept on the device. The Sony Ericsson Mini Pro has just 400 MB as of internal storage provided as standard, although this can easily be increased thanks to microSD integration, a feature available on both phones. This allows users to install a card of up to 32 GB. In fact, the Sony Ericsson handset even comes with a pre-installed 2 GB card to get you started.


Internet Browsing

Browsing the internet is an important part of smartphone usage for many. Both handsets offer connection via both 3G coverage and access to local Wi-Fi networks. In 3G covered areas, the Nokia E7 offers slightly improved download speeds of 10.2 Mbps over the 7.2 Mbps of the Sony Ericsson Mini Pro, although the latter still provides a reasonably fast connection and is sure to suit the needs of most people.



One of the most important factors for those choosing a new smartphone is the quality of the built in digital camera. The Nokia E7 offers an 8 megapixel camera in comparison to the 5 megapixel unit found on the Sony Ericsson handset. Obviously, the camera on the Nokia E7 produces better quality photos, but the standard for most smartphones is 5 megapixels so the Sony Ericsson Mini Pro is still a highly capable cameraphone. Both come with a number of image enhancing features as standard such as geo-tagging, face detection and touch focus. Both also boast the ability to shoot HD video footage in 720p quality.



Whilst the spec list for the Nokia E7 may be beat the Sony Ericsson Mini Pro in many respects, the latter can claim the more powerful processor of the two. With a 1 GHz Scorpion processor under the hood, users can expect a highly responsive touchscreen, efficient multitasking, faster loading times of web pages and many other benefits. The processor of the Nokia E7 is slightly less powerful at 680 MHz. This is fine for most users during day to day use, but people who often use powerful applications are sure to appreciate the benefits of the performance of the Sony Ericsson Mini Pro.

So you can see that these two handsets are more different than you may expect from first impressions. Deciding between the two is likely to come down to personal preference for one brand over the other, or there may be a feature which attracts you to a particular device.

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