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The Excellent iPhone 4 And What the Screen Can Offer

The HTC Evo 3D has been been making some big waves within the the mobile phone world. This is because the phone is one of the very first to offer users the opportunity to view image in 3D thanks to a special stereoscopic screen which fools the brain into believing it is processing a 3D image. This clever technology has proved a big hit so far but has left other top end handsets such as the iPhone4 looking already a little dated. Now a company named Global Wave has produced Pic3D, a sheet that can be added to the iPhone or indeed any other device which makes the screen look 3D.

Fans of brands such as Apple and Blackberry will be delighted at this news as we are likely to be some way off seeing a 3D handset released by either manufacturer. This new sheet uses some clever technology to transform a two dimensional image into one that really comes to life. The sheet utilises a lenticular lens system as opposed to a parallax barrier which is normally used. This new system not only offers a smoother and more consistent image but also a great viewing angle of 120 degrees together with a 90 per cent transmission level. It is not only the iPhone 4 which will potentially benefit from this new innovation but also a whole host of other mobile phones as well as other devices such as desktop and laptop computers. The sheet will also allow users to view side by side content from internet sites such as Youtube. Obviously the iPhone 4 does not have any provision for recording or capturing true 3D images but the screen gives a good introduction into this impressive new technology.

The iPhone 4is the perfect platform for Global Wave to target with this development thanks to the incredibly high display quality that the phone offers in the first place. The device uses the renowned Retina display which offers the highest resolution possible on its 3.5inch screen at 640 x 960 pixels. This puts the handset above anything else currently on offer which is remarkable especially as the phone is nearly one year old already. If you wanted to break the resolution down into a pixels per inch rating then the figure is an astonishing 326 which takes the display beyond what the human eye can actually register. The screen is perfect for displaying all manner of material from your own images captured on the phones impressive camera to colourful web pages.

The iPhone 4 still remains a leading player in the mobile phone world and the Pic3D sheet brings the handset partially in line with newer offerings such as the HTC Evo 3D. Until Apple decide to launch a 3D handset this is the perfect alternative to bring material to life on the handset.

The iPhone 4 is available now and the HTC Evo 3D is coming soon.


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