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The Feature Packed Nokia E6 Boasts 8 GB Of Internal Storage

The Nokia E6 is one of a number of new smartphone from the manufacturer to offer a number of features which are greatly improved over similar previous models. In this article I will take a look at some of the key features of the Nokia E6 to decide who this phone is best suited to.


For starters, the E6 boasts an impressive 2.46 TFT capacitive touchscreen, which offers a resolution of 640x 480 for decent levels of display quality. This also works well in conjunction with the directional keys and full Qwerty keyboard as a responsive means of navigating the Symbian Anna OS user interface.


Storage wise, the Nokia E6 offers a handy 8GB of internal capacity which users can utilise for storage of files such as office documents, photos, videos and downloaded applications from the Ovi store. Should you wish to increase the available storage, the built in microSD card utility will accommodate a card of up to 32GB. This feature is likely to prove ideal for people who like to carry their music collection on their phone, or maybe business users who need to keep MS Office documents on their phone such as Word and Excel documents, or PowerPoint presentations.


Web browsing is an important part of smartphone use for most types of user. Whether it is for entertainment or business purposes, a large part of the appeal of smartphones it the ability to browse the web on the go. The Nokia E6 is well equipped for this task with a number of features ensuring a reliable connection and an easy to use browser. Connection to the web is made primarily due to HSDPA in 3G covered areas, with download speeds of up to 10.2 megabytes per second being available, and there is also the alternative to utilise Wi-Fi networks for a fast and reliable connection.


As well as the ability to browse the web, having a built in digital camera is an important aspect of smartphone ownership for many. The Nokia E6 has an especially impressive 8 megapixel offering, which is one of the higher resolutions available for a cameraphone. As you may expect, the resulting images are of excellent quality, and the addition of a dual-LED flash helps with lower lighting conditions. The camera can also be used for shooting high definition video footage in 720p.


As you can see, the Nokia E6 is an especially versatile handset, and its features are sure to attract a wide variety of different users; business types will appreciate the Qwerty keyboard and MS Office compatibility, whilst multimedia enthusiasts are sure to be impressed with the ample internal storage as well as the camera and comprehensive multimedia compatibility.


As well as its impressive spec list, style conscious users can choose from either black, white or silver colour schemes, so they don’t have to sacrifice features for style. In conclusion, the Nokia E6 is a handset which ticks all the boxes. It is certainly worth a closer look for those in the market for a smartphone. Many people in this position are likely to head straight for the Apple and HTC offerings which are enjoying high levels of popularity, but those seeking something different will surely find some a great deal of appeal in the Nokia E6.

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