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The Future Of Music Phones-The HTC Sensation XL And Sensation XE

With Christmas fast approaching we are seeing many new mobile devices being released in time for the traditional rise in sales. This year many models seem to be focusing on music playback, with HTC releasing two new devices that are superb in this area. We take a quick look at the Sensation XL and the Sensation XE handsets and also see which phone accessories will tempt music lovers over the festive period.

Music playback is an area that is often overlooked and many manufacturers do not focus much attention on this aspect of their models. Sony Ericsson where the last brand to produce a range of models that boasted great music facilities with their impressive Walkman range. HTC have now spotted a gap in the market and have launched two great new handsets. The HTC Sensation XL and the Sensation XE both incorporate Beats Audio technology to produce great sound quality that you normally would not expect from a mobile device. Both of these new devices come supplied with a high quality Beats Audio headset that provides a natural depth of sound that is not usually possible from such small driver units. The sound produced by these headphones is perfect for many genres of modern music from Dance to Hip Hop and thanks to this both handsets will appeal to a younger audience looking to gain the most functionality from their mobile device. The large screens offered by both of these phones also means that watching music videos on your mobile is a superb experience. The Sensation XL offers the larger screen at 4.7 inches but even the smaller 4.3 inch display on the Sensation XE impresses immensely. When watching videos on either phone you can also enjoy SRS Surround which creates a simulated surround sound effect from the headphones or the built in speakers.

There are a range of accessories available for smartphones including the HTC Sensation XLthat are designed to further enhance your audio experience from your mobile device. Several manufacturers are releasing headphones perfect for use with your phone. One of the bigger names is Bose and their new Quiet Comfort 3 headset is perhaps the best example of noise cancelling headphones that we have encountered. Background noise is totally eliminated by the headset leaving you with just your music in very high quality. These are perfect for people who use public transport frequently as they really do cut out all of the noise that surrounds you. If you prefer an in ear style of headphone then the new CK400i set from Audio Technica are really hard to beat for value. Sound quality is superb with deep bass and clear vocals and at around £30 a pair they are perfect stocking fillers. Both of these headsets will work with all modern smartphones although you could argue that the new Sensation XL and XE benefit less than most as they are already supplied with a great quality set. For phones such as the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S2 however these are superb options.

The new HTC Sensation XL and Sensation XE offer the excellent smartphone features that we expect together with music playback options that beat any rival handsets. If you have another brand of smartphone and want to enhance your music experience then headphones such as the ones we have mentioned are a perfect solution.

The HTC Sensation XL and the HTC Sensation XE are available now.


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