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The HTC Sensation Head To Head With The Nokia X7

The HTC Sensation seems to be a bit of a forgotten phone. Its release was sandwiched between the high specification Incredible S handset and the forthcoming Evo 3D and has been somewhat overshadowed especially by the latter model. With the exception of 3D facilities however the Sensation remains HTCs premier handset with high specification and gorgeous looks. So when compared against the new Nokia X7 how does the phone measure up?

If we take a look at the design aspects of both of the phones and it is evident that in this department both handsets are very evenly matched. The Nokia X7 looks unlike any other smartphone available at present thanks to Nokia giving the phone a shape that is neither rectangular like the Samsung Galaxy S2 or a curved design that is common in handsets from HTC. The sloped corners are definitely a talking point on this model and certainly make the phone more instantly attractive than the nice but unspectacular HTC Sensation. When we look at other aspects of both models however it becomes clear that this is the only area where the Nokia can claim a victory as the Sensation steps up a gear with some truly terrific specification. Both models offer large screens but the higher quality can be found on the Sensations larger 4.3 inch display. HTC have opted to use the new S-LCD display developed by Sony in this model and the decision pays dividends with the rich colours and great viewing angles clear for all to see. The Nokia X7 uses AMOLED technology which does produce a great clarity of image that would fair well against many smartphones but not one as exceptional as the HTC Sensation.

HTC are a true heavyweight when it comes to Android phones and the HTC Sensationcertainly lives up to this billing. With regards to performance there are few phone available anywhere which can boast figures as impressive as what the phone can offer. Not content with installing the model with a hefty 1.2Ghz processor the developers have also made the chip dual core which not only helps make the phone extremely fast but enables it to also handle multitasking with ease. The Nokia X7 offers a more modest 680Mhz chip which offers just a single core. This means the phone is fast but not in the same league as the Sensation. When it comes down to the operating systems offered on both models there is one clear winner. Despite numerous improvements to the Symbian platform offered on the X7 the system still has a way to go before it reaches the dizzy heights that have been achieved by Android. When you combine the excellence of Android on the Sensation with the Sense user interface that is in place then you have a package that any phone would struggle to match.

Nokias new X7 model catches the eye and may well strike a chord with a younger audience attracted by looks over substance. When it comes to what the phone can offer however then it is simply no match for the new Sensation with its great specification and excellent interface.

The HTC Sensation and the Nokia X7 are available now.


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