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The iPhone 4 White Makes Composition Of Text Simple

The average mobile phone is probably used more for the composition of texts, e mails and instant messaging then it actually is for conducting calls. Thanks to the superb connectivity found on modern handset phones are more like mini computers and therefore the majority incorporate a keyboard in one form or another. Some handsets favour a physical keypad whilst other like to use one of the virtual variety. The White iPhone 4 falls into this category a sports one of the very best virtual keypads available.

When you are on the move one key aspect of composing a text message is the speed at which you can type it. You may be on the train or enjoying a drink with friends so you will not want to spend minutes replying to an SMS or E Mail. The keypad on the White iPhone 4 helps to speed up this process by predicting the word you are typing before you have finished typing it. The intelligence of the phone also enables the handset to memorise words you use most frequently and suggest them when appropriate. The built in dictionary is so clever that it will also correct misspelt words as you type them so your end product is always error free. If you find yourself going a little to fast and needing to go back and correct a mistake then this is also easily done. Holding your finger on the screen brings up a magnifying glass which you can place over the word you wish to correct and modify it as you desire. Apostrophes are also automatically included to save the user needing to access a separate screen of symbols.

There are two different virtual keypads available on the White iPhone 4. Thanks to the phones built in accelerometer chip the handset can automatically determine which kind you require depending on how the phone is positioned. When the phone is in it normal upright mode the keypad is a full Qwerty variety but slightly more condensed than the more spread out version that is offered when the phone is held horizontally. A key word that can be associated with this model is "adaptation". The phone does not stick with one generic keyboard and instead changes the layout to match the application or function that you are using at the time. A great example of this is apparent when you are using the Safari web browser. When using the keypad a ".com" key is visible on the bottom row of buttons to save you time when typing in web addresses.

The White iPhone 4 offers one of the most user friendly user keypads available. Not only is the keypad responsive but the high level of intelligence offered by the phone ensures the composition of text is a quick and simple affair.

The White iPhone 4 and the Nokia X7


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