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The Motorola Razr-A Superb New Camera Phone

The Motorola Razr is the latest in a wave of Android smartphones to gain a pre christmas release. This exciting new model boasts a range of superb features but we want to concentrate on the media aspects of this model and in particular the superb camera facility that this model offers.

It is pleasing to see that Motorola have opted to keep pace with other smartphone brands such as Apple and HTC by installing an 8 mega pixel camera on this new device. The camera feature can capture a resolution of 3264 x 2448 and there is a range of great options that really help you get the best possible results from the feature. The phone incorporates a single LED flash which is perfect for low light levels and a range of other functions can be accessed from within the simple interface that the camera uses. A bar on the right hand side of the screen features a central shutter key which is easy to activate using your thumb. Above this button there is a toggle which enables you to switch between the main camera and the lower resolution front facing camera which is ideal for self portraits. Below the shutter key there is another toggle which allows you to choose whether you want the still shot mode or if you want to capture video footage. On the left hand side there is a discreet bar which activates the zoom feature, an ideal feature if you find yourself standing further away from your subject than you would like to be. Above this in the left hand corner there is a thumbnail that gives you access to the phones photo gallery. This thumbnail displays a small picture of the last image you captured together with a numerical counter that displays how many shots you have remaining.

The viewfinder for the camera on the Motorola Razris free from unnecessary menus and the majority of the large display is free for you to clearly view the photograph you are taking. At the bottom left hand corner of the screen there is a small tab however that unveils a menu that gives you access to the more specialised areas of the facility. A number of different shooting modes can be chosen which include a useful multi shot mode that reduce the resolution to 4 mega pixels but capture a series of photographs in quick succession. This is perfect for capturing a sporting moment or anything that is not stationary. Various scene settings can also be selected for different scenarios including a macro mode which is ideal for close up shots. If you would prefer the phone to do most of the work for you then you can simply leave the automatic mode switched on and the device will determine the best setting for you. The phone offers autofocus so your snaps always look as clear as possible but there is also a touch focus which enables you to choose the object within the frame that you wish to focus on. This action is performed by simply touching the screen on the point where you would like the focus to be fixed.

There are many features on the Motorola Razr which impress but the excellent camera is one that really does stand out. Not only is the quality superb but there are a multitude of options available to assist you in taking perfect shots in a variety of different circumstances.

The Motorola Razr and the HTC Explorer are available now


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