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The New Apple iPhone 4S Has A Heavily Improved 8 Megapixel Camera With 1080p High Definition Video Recording

The iPhone 4S has now been unveiled, and offers many new features for an enhanced user experience. Much of the appeal of this device, and indeed the iPhone series as a whole is the camera has been upgraded significantly, and in this article I look at the camera on the iPhone 4S in a bit more detail.


For starters, the camera has been upgraded to 8 megapixels, which is some 3 megapixels more than the iPhone 4. With its resolution of 3264x 2448, the resulting images are of superb quality. The quality of the photos is enhanced further by the new f/2.4 aperture lens which means that the camera really comes into its own in low lighting conditions, capturing 75% more light than the camera on the iPhone 4. There is of course also a flash, along with a number of adjustable settings and image enhancing features. While there is much to talk about the new and improved camera on the iPhone the features to go with it include the retina display and editing studio provided to further enhance pictures. The editing software is simple enough to use, and offers a good array of effects and options which can be edited.


Apple has also focused on the sharpness of images with the new aperture lens and the retina display further accelerates the display quality. The credit of the DSLR-like results goes to the A5 chip provided with an image signal processor. The camera uses the advanced algorithms to control the accuracy and balance of the pictures.


Whilst all of these features may sound good on paper, one of the most appealing aspects of the camera is that it remains simple to use. Simply open the camera app, and you are instantly presented with the camera screen; this has shortcuts to adjustable features like settings and flash, and the ability to switch between still images and video capture. Taking the picture is as simple as tapping the capture screen, which responds instantly.


The iPhone 4S also provides the HDR photo shoot with the new camera. It takes three photos from one shot providing different exposure levels and combines the best part from each picture to provide the ultimate snapshot. The LED flash kicks into action as required, working behind the scenes, although it can also be turned on or off manually to achieve the desired effect. The camera can also detect prominent faces in a picture and balances the exposure accordingly. In fact, up to ten faces can be detected, and it will zoom to the most appropriate setting to achieve the best overall result.


With all said and done the iPhone 4S provides a comprehensive package. With the addition of photo streaming and sharing via iCloud, the iPhone 4S has made leaps and bounds over its predecessor, and looks like it is paving the way for the new generation of camera phones.

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