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The New iPhone 4S-The Public Go Crazy For This New Phone

Nearly a week has passed since the iPhone 4S was released a midst a flurry of attention from both the media and the general public. It is now clear that despite some negative reports about this new phone it is still destined to become the best selling phones that Apple have ever released.

When initial reports about this model first surfaced the general consensus was that the phone was slightly disappointing. Both the industry and the public were expecting a brand new iPhone 5 complete with a new design on the body and this led many people to feel underwhelmed by the new arrival. Now the phone is generally available it seems that the handset is actually far more impressive than we had first thought with the upgraded specification and exciting new features such as Siri resulting in a near perfect user experience. The improvements present on the phone have resulted it clocking up some record sales figures within its first four days of release. The 4S was released in America, France, Japan, Germany, Canada, Germany and the UK on Friday the 14th of October and in that time a massive four million units have been sold. This more than doubles what the original iPhone 4 achieved on its release which at the time set new records. This figure looks set to increase by a huge amount when the phone is eventually released in a further 22 countries by the end of October.

Despite the initial negativity that surrounded the iPhone 4Sit seems that customers who have actually purchased the model have fallen in love with some of the excellent new features that are on offer. The new A5 chipset that is incorporated in the phone has been lifted straight from the superb iPad 2 and its effect on the performance of this phone is massive. Thanks to the dual core 1Ghz processor even the most complex of tasks is performed at lightning speed whilst the extra power available on the Graphics Processing Unit gives developers much more scope for producing games that are more similar to a console experience than a typical mobile phone title. The other major difference which effects the day to day use of this model is the new iOS5 operating system which brings a host of new features to the user. These include the new iCloud sytem which can remotely back up all of your data and the Find My Friends facility which present you with a map and the current location of all of your friends.

We always knew that the iPhone 4S would be a popular model but nobody could have predicted the heights it would scale within a few days of its release. Much of this success is down to the excellent upgrades featured on the model including the user friendly iOS5 operating system and the powerful A5 chipset.

The iPhone 4S and the iPhone 4 8GB are available now.


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