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The Nokia N9 Packed With Features And An Exciting New OS

Ask any industry insider just what is so special about Nokias forthcoming N9 device and the response that you are more than likely to receive will relate to the new MeeGo operating system that it runs on. Since smartphones were first introduced into the market place there have been three main platforms vying for market share which are Apples iOS, the Google Android system and the Symbian platform that has been favoured by Nokia. Last year we saw Windows 7 throw their hat into the ring and now we await the arrival of the latest platform, the Meego OS that the new N9 runs.

MeeGo is the result of a collaboration between Nokia and Intel, the company responsible for cutting edge technology such as Pentium Processors. There has been much speculation about exactly what this new system will offer but we now have a more concrete idea of some of the features that we can expect. Internet lovers will appreciate the fact that the platform will incorporate both a high quality browser as well as full flash support. The Fennec browser has been developed by Mozilla and is customised for mobile usage. The incorporation of flash support means that users will benefit from a web browsing experience similar to what you would expect from a home PC or laptop. The platform also supports VoIP enabling the making of call via the phones extensive internet connections possible rather than relying upon a cellular network. Although details are vague at present we are led to believe that the new operating system will also feature in depth social networking support for all of the major sites including Twitter and Facebook.

MeeGo on the Nokia N9will offer great opportunities for downloads of applications and programmes. Users will not only be able to access Nokias own Ovi store but will also have the use of Intels own application store. This is something new for mobile phones which have traditionally granted access to just the one online store such as iTunes or the Android marketplace. Location based services will be supported by the N9 and it is also evident that the handset will offer options for the online synchronisation of data. Being a new platform it would be easy to remain cautious about how successful the operating system will be. A reassuring factor here is that numerous developers and companies have already declared their support for this platform. These companies include the likes of BMW, Acer, Asus and EA Mobile.

There are many reasons why we should be excited by the arrival of MeeGo and the Nokia N9. The collaboration between mobile phones giants Nokia and computer experts Intel is a great start. The list of excellent features including the brand new web browser should ensure that fans are eagerly awaiting the release of this impressive looking new phone.

The Nokia N9 and the Sony Ericsson Xperia Active are coming soon


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