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The Outstanding Sony Ericsson Play Boasts PlayStation Certified Controls For A Great Gaming Experience

The Sony Ericsson Play is arguably the ultimate phone for gaming enthusiasts. Boasting the pedigree of its sister handsets in the rest of the Xperia range, this handset is geared specifically at mobile gaming, whist retaining the all round Android smartphone functionality of handsets such as the Sony Ericsson Arc, Neo and X10.


In this article I will give an overview of the key features of this handset, with a particular focus on the gaming aspects of the device.



The Sony Ericsson Play is unique in the fact that it has a set of PlayStation certified controls; the same directional buttons and somewhat iconic function buttons that millions of players will recognise from the Sony PlayStation controller. It also has an answer to the analogue sticks found on the controller, with a touch sensitive trackpad which mimics the movements of the player’s thumb. The controls themselves are located on a spate slide out panel, which means that users can see the whole screen when playing the game, rather than operating them solely via touchscreen which can mean a large percentage of the screen is blocked by the players’ thumbs.



The Sony Ericsson Play boasts an impressive 4 inch LED-Backlit LCD capacitive touchscreen. This is perfect for gaming for a number of reasons. For starters, the graphics are superb. With up to 16 million individual colours displayed within a pixel resolution of 480x 854, users get the ultimate gaming experience. Colours are sharp, clear and vibrant, making the graphics ideal for gaming. The screen is also very responsive and intuitive when used to navigate the UI, and this also improves the gaming experience. Some games require players to use the touchscreen for various tasks. If the screen was slow to respond, it would not be very good at all for a player’s gaming experience. With capacitive touchscreen technology and a 1 GHz processor under the hood, using the touchscreen is child’s play.  



The Sony Ericsson Play ships with several games pre-installed; these include the likes of Bruce Lee, Fifa, SIMs and a number of other popular titles. The nice thing about these games is that they are optimised for the hardware of this particular device and Sony Ericsson are constantly working on new releases specifically tailored for this phone. This makes quite a difference to generic games from the Android Market. The handset can of course also support any other games from the Android Market, of which there are thousands to choose from.


These are some of the features which make the Sony Ericsson Play the ideal phone for gaming enthusiasts. It is great to see the manufacturer has combined the everyday functionality of the Xperia smartphones with the high performance features necessary for a great gaming experience. This means the appeal of the Sony Ericsson Play is wider than first meets the eye, and makes it worthy of a closer look by anyone looking into purchasing their next smartphone. 

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