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The Samsung Galaxy S2 Impresses With Its Specification And Battery Life

The battle at the top end of the smartphone market has been very interesting this year with great models from several brand all proving to be both impressive and successful. Arguably the pick of these model is the Galaxy S2 from Samsung. This model is the successor to last years best seller the Galaxy S and now boasts additional features including a dual core processor. There are many aspects to this model which are vitally important to the phones operation yet get overlooked in favour of the more obvious features such as screen size and camera quality. So what can you expect in terms of battery life from this model and what is on offer in terms of connectivity options?

With the extra functionality that the modern smartphone offers the battery life is an area that usually suffers as a consequence. All to often you here of smartphone owners who love their devices but bemoan the fact the handset barely lasts a day between charges. The Samsung Galaxy S2 attempt to remedy this problem by offering the phone with a high quality 1650mAh battery. The battery uses Lithium-Ion technology which means that the battery suffers no ill effects from being charged whilst it still has capacity left, a problem that used to be faced my many models. Officially the cell should offer around 610 hours of standby time whilst connected to a 3G network and over 8 hours of actual talktime. In theory though these figures vary greatly depending on how people use their phone so what can the average user expect? Realistically we would expect around two days of use from the model and that is with a little web browsing and gaming thrown in with calls and messaging. Inevitably when you first purchase the model you will be lucky to stretch to a day as you try out all of the features but once the novelty wears off the two days use is very impressive considering how powerful this phone actually is.

Connectivity plays a major part in the modern phones usage with a variety of functions requiring an online connection or access to a cellular data service. The Samsung Galaxy S2offers a wealth of options and really does cover all bases in this department. The most widely used system is WiFi and the handset enables you to connect to a viable network in order to achieve great connection speeds. Whilst on the subject of WiFi there is a new variant on this device known as WiFi Direct. This system is used for when you want to transfer information locally to other devices connected via WiFi. It offers faster transfer speeds than Bluetooth and looks set to become popular with an increasing number of products now utilising a Wireless LAN connection. The phone also sports Bluetooth and a micro USB as well as 3G and Edge for times when you are not in range of a WiFi network.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 certainly boasts some impressive specification but its is areas such as connectivity and battery life that ultimately determine how much enjoyment and use you can get from the model and both areas score very highly indeed on this new smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC Incredible S are available now.


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