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The Superb Nokia E6 And The Feature Packed Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 - A Comparison

We are seeing the release of more and more smartphones offering the combination of both a Qwerty keyboard and touchscreen. Two of the more recent handsets to offer this combination are the Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 and the Nokia E6.


In this article I will look at some of the key features of these handsets so you can decide which comes out on top.


First impressions of these two would make you think that they are very evenly matched, as they offer very similar styling, with the bottom half of the front of the handset showcasing the full Qwerty keyboard with the compact yet functional touchscreen located above this. You could be forgiven for thinking that the spec list would read the same, but it may surprise you how different some aspects of these phones actually are. Some of the two biggest differences are in the handsets’ processors and cameras, so this is where I will focus the attention of the article.



Despite the similar looks, the Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 actually blows the Nokia E6 out of the water in the processor department. With an impressive 1.2 GHz chip compared to the 680 MHz offering under the hood of the Nokia E6, the Blackberry handset has much more computing power on hand to run demanding applications. The benefits of a more powerful processor are well documented; more powerful software and applications can be run on the device, whilst efficient multitasking (running two or more apps simultaneously) as well as the ability to run certain aspects of the hardware is improved (e.g. the response times of the touchscreen). Whilst the processor of the Nokia handset is not as powerful on paper, it still does the job well, although it has to be said the difference between the two will be noticeable during use.



Naturally, both handsets have built in digital cameras. What the Nokia E6 may lack in processing power compared to the Blackberry device, it more than makes up for in the camera department. Boasting 8 megapixels, the Nokia E6 has some 3 megapixels on the camera of the Blackberry Bold Touch 9900, which operates at 5 megapixels. Although the camera on the Blackberry is certainly capable of holding its own and producing great results, the camera on the Nokia E6 offers better quality still images thanks to the increased pixel resolution. Both handsets do offer a good package of image enhancing features as standard, with the likes of face detection, geo-tagging and the ability to shoot 720p video (HD).


Aside from the processor and the camera, the two handsets are fairly evenly matched. Both come with 8 GB of internal storage as standard along with microSD compatibility to store memory cards of a higher capacity (up to 32 GB).


What one handset lacks in processing power, the other makes up for in the quality of its camera, and vice versa. Therefore, if choosing between the two, it is likely to come down to your personal preference for one of these two specifications, based on what you use your phone for the most. Either way, both handsets offer impressive all round specifications, and with some great deals available, are sure to appeal to a wide variety of users.

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