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Two great Handsets In The Nokia N9 And The iPhone 4

The Apple iPhone 4 is undoubtedly the most well known mobile phone available. The device goes beyond the realms of a traditional mobile phone and in some peoples eyes is more like an object of desire rather than a functional everyday tool. Not many other phones can match this appeal but Nokia look set to come very close with the forthcoming release of their gorgeous looking N9 handset which sports the new Meego operating system that looks set to directly compete with Apples iOS4.

There is no question that both the iPhone 4 and the Nokia N9 are two of the most desirable handsets available. The Apple has always scored highly in the style department and the addition of a new white model to the range has further enhanced the phones appeal. This latest version of the handsets differs from previous models in that it comprises of two toughened sheets of glass that make up the front and rear panels. The advantage of using this method is that colour variations such as the white model now look considerably different rather than just being a different colour back panel. A neat metallic strip is the filling in this sandwich of glass and runs all the way around the sides of the phone. The N9 is even more minimalist than the Apple as it offers no physical buttons on the front at all and this has enabled the Nokia developers to take the screen to the very edges of the phones body which makes it perhaps the most striking design currently available. The edges are very clean on the phone and the only visible curved element is the screen which offers a nice contrast to the rawness of the phones body. The Nokia N9 stands out in this area but one wonders if we will say the same in a few months time when inevitable imitation models start to hit the market.

The Nokia N9offers a higher potential storage capacity than the iPhone thanks to the two variants that the model is available in. Both handsets off basic models with a large capacity 16GB of internal storage. When you take a look at the premium models however Nokia doubles what the 32GB Apple can offer by releasing a 64GB version of the phone. Neither of these model offer external card support but one could argue that with such substantial internal storage additional capacity is not necessary. In terms of operational memory both models offer good amounts of RAM but the 512MB available on the iPhone 4 is eclipsed once again by the N9 which gives a massive 1GB. An area where the Apple does really excel however is with its screen and despite the excellence of the 3.9 inch display on the N9 it still has some way to go before it can match up to the excellent standards set by the Retina Display on the iPhone 4.

There are many similarities between these two models and you could argue the case that the N9 is Nokias take on the successful iPhone 4. Both phones have there own advantages with the Apple offering a great screen and a near faultless operating system but the Nokia will gain many admirers for its impressive technical specification together with its stylish looks.

The Nokia N9 is coming soon and the iPhone 4 is available now.


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