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We Explore The Design Of The HTC Sensation

This year we have seen some great quality mobile phones released from the likes of Samsung, HTC and LG. One of the models that stands out from the crowd is the hugely impressive HTC Sensation. This is pitched as the brands top end smartphone and features a bevy of excellent features and high quality components. To many mobile phone users however the design of a phone is perhaps more important than how it performs so what can the Sensation offer in this area?

HTC are not known for producing great variety in their mobile line up and one could certainly argue the case that the Sensation does follow a very similar path to the hugely popular Desire S model. The straight edges of the phone are all nicely rounded at the corners which not only makes the model look pleasing but helps it sit very comfortably in your hand. If one word could sum up the the overall look of this model then it would be "Premium". There is very little to see on the front of the handset thanks to the high quality 4.3 inch display occupying much of the phones fascia. The brands logo is neatly positioned at the top of the display whilst the bottom features the expected Android keys which include Home, Menu, Back and Search. Turn the phone over however and things get a little more exciting thanks to a new design. The body is an aluminium design and the back plate comprises of three different coloured bands that run diagonally across. The bottom sector is a matte black finish and this is joined by a bronze strip whilst the top part of the panel sports a neat titanium coloured finish. The camera lens in conveniently positioned at the top corner of the panel keeping it out of the way of your fingers whilst the phone is in use.

One of the reasons why the HTC Sensationlooks so good is due to the lack of physical buttons on the phone. If you take a look around the sides of the phone however you will find an array of buttons and ports which are essential in the everyday use of the device. On the left hand side of the phone there is a volume button that takes the form of a rocker design rather than offering individual buttons as are found on the iPhone 4. This is very responsive and does offer a dual purpose as some camera applications transform the key into a zoom facility which is perfectly positioned for when you are using the device as a digital still camera. In terms of ports on the phone all bases are covered by the micro USB and the 3.5mm headphone socket. Given the handsets excellent multi media features the stereo jack enables a wide variety of headphones to be used to help you enjoy the material whilst the micro USB aids the synchronisation of material between the phone and your home computer.

The HTC Sensation has received much praise on its technical attributes and it is easy to forget that in terms of looks this is one of the very best phones out there. The model looks and feels expensive and is sure to gain many fans on this aspect alone.

The HTC Sensation and the Samsung Galaxy S2 are available now.


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