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You Will Never See Anything Like The BlackBerry Playbook

If you require nothing but the best the technology has to offer, you will find this in the BlackBerry Playbook. Everything about the tablet will blow your mind away. It comes with superior software and hardware that will blow the completion away.

These days, faster is better. This is exactly what the Playbook has to offer. It will deliver nothing but groundbreaking speed. The device does this with its 1 GHz dual-processor and 1 GB or RAM. Not one device made by competition can ever come close to all of this power.

When the World Wide Web comes to mind, the device will allow you to access any website the internet has to offer. With fully enabled Adobe Flash 10.1 and built-in support for HTML5, graphics, videos, images, text, and effects will instantly load. You will no longer have to deal with web page loading issues.

You can also pair the device with your BlackBerry smartphone. This is done securely through Bluetooth. This will allow you to enjoy push technology, email, the BlackBerry Messenger, your calendar, documents, tasks, and so much more. Sync data efficiently and securely with this feature.

When it comes to operating systems, you get a platform that you can always rely on. The BlackBerry Playbook runs on the innovative BlackBerry Tablet Operating System. With this, you get user-friendly and powerful QNX technology. Lastly, you get to multitask with ease.

When video conferencing comes to mind, nothing does it better than this tablet. You get a crystal clear high-definition display. You get to enjoy nothing but stereo sound. You also get 2 high-definition video cameras. This will make you feel as if you are chatting face to face.

When multimedia comes to mind, you will get nothing but the best the technology has to offer. The BlackBerry Playbook has a 3 MP high-definition camera mounted on the face of the device. It has a 5 MP high-definition camera mounted on the rear of the device. It has codec support for the best media creation, playback, and video calling. It also has HDMI connection for watching your videos on a larger screen.

The Playbook's design is all about portability and convenience. Despite its 7 inch LCD display, it only weighs in at 400 grams or 0.9 ponds. It is 5.1 inches high, 7.6 inches wide, and 0.4 inches thick. It is in no way cumbersome to carry.

These are the reasons why you will never see anything like the BlackBerry Playbook.

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