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Recipe for East Midlands Fashion Success Showcases Local Talent


This is exactly what the Designer Forum in Nottingham have done,

using garments supplied by its membership and local fashion and

lingerie photographer Gavin Kemp (who is also a member of Designer

Forum) they created 3 concepts, Vintage Traveller, Candy Girl and

Dark Glamour the depth and breadth of the design talent and skills

the region has to offer the fashion world was clearly apparent.


"The collaboration was a new thing for us to do and it was a huge

success for all involved, it does demonstrate that here in the East

Midlands we have a diverse and highly skilled membership and creative

sector" said Nina Faresin of the Designer Forum.


The results were stunning and almost every part of the East Midlands

fashion and design community were represented, for each set of images

Velouria, the beautiful blue wardrobe created by Paul Dack as a celebration of dressing up, was laden with the work of Forum members, and what was not on the shelves was worn by the models.


Gavin who has worked for global brands both in marketing and

photographic capacities, added: "Each set made use of items donated

by Designer Forum members and were dressed by in house stylists and

the results were fantastic.  The project demonstrated that Nottingham

has some fantastic creative's on its doorstep, something which should

be celebrated."





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