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Relevant personalization influences 80% of sales, the Richmond, VA men’s underwear and swimwear online retailer, is seeing 25% of sales generated by industry-leading personalization and recommendation engine technology from PredictiveIntent after only three months of operation.

Boston ecommerce agency One Pica introduced, to PredictiveIntent’s advanced PersonalMerchant personalization solution as part of a site redesign, tasked with increasing sales and conversion rates whilst reducing the buying distance.

“We evaluated many different ecommerce personalization providers, and we were surprised at how comprehensive PredictiveIntent’s offering is, compared to some of the other providers here in the US. The ability to set up unique logic that drives personalization for individual visitors based on their interests and situation is really powerful. Additionally, the metrics are impressive and we would thoroughly recommend PersonalMerchant to any retailer.”
Greg Segall, President, One Pica

Together, Nuwear and PredictiveIntent have created a unique personalization strategy that understands their visitors, customers and products – all made possible by PredictiveIntent’s transparent configuration dashboard which allows granular targeting based on individual visitor interests.

PersonalMerchant creates rich profiles of every visitor to and analyses how each visitor found the store, what their interests are and their predicted purchase intent. This behavioural data is then fed back into patent-pending Suggestion Choreography® technology that understands each individual visitor’s context, and concurrently selects the best algorithm and filters to accurately predict what the visitor is intending to buy. These profiles can then be used to personalize transactional and promotional emails and any other digital consumer touchpoint.

PersonalMerchant’s performance can be clearly observed through an online reporting dashboard to prove the effectiveness of the real-time technology. Currently, 80% of sales are influenced by correctly predicted by PersonalMerchant, which plugs straight into Nuwear’s Magento Enterprise ecommerce platform with a mature, deeply integrated extension that supports various complex features including multistore, multicurrency, configurable and composite products.

“We are really impressed with the results we’ve seen from PredictiveIntent. With their integrated Magento extension and their ability to configure the logic behind the personalisation for individual visitors, PredictiveIntent’s technology was a great fit for us and has exceeded our expectations.”
Edward Upton, owner, Nuwear

25% of Nuwear’s sales are directly attributable to PersonalMerchant through “shotgun” purchases – where a visitor is suggested a product, clicks for more information and purchases immediately - representing 21% of their total revenue.

“Not only do these statistics show that our technology is correctly predicting purchases, it shows we are actively driving sales and generating revenue for Nuwear through smart personalization logic. It cements personalization’s place as an exciting technology that retailers can see a great return on investment in a short time.”
Neil Hamilton, CEO & Co-Founder, PredictiveIntent

Retailers looking to understand how they can increase their revenue and improve product discovery can download the case study from


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PredictiveIntent provide advanced behavioural personalisation technology for online retailers and content providers around the world through its core IntentPredictionServer framework. The company has established an international partner network to provide consultation and delivery of its SaaS and SaaP services and is demonstrating fast growth, especially within the expanding ecommerce market.

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