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Stylish Design - with the wave of a hand

New Sigma80 Dual Flush Touchless Flush Plate - which only requires a wave of a hand to initiate the flush process. The touchless flush plate is available in two glass versions: black or with a mirror surface. It also comes equipped with five different colour settings for the button lights.

Touchless toilet flush actuation systems have long been a standard feature in airports, concert halls and cinemas. Now touchless is increasingly becoming a requirement in hotels, office buildings and upmarket private properties. The new Sigma80 fits the bill with a high tech solution in a stylish design.


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  • England

Ripples, is an award winning bathroom retailer and 2012 will mark 24 years since it first opened its doors to clients in the city of Bath. Now boasting 17 showrooms nationwide the company has become famed for designing and creating bespoke, luxury bathroom spaces. 

Today Ripples employs over 20 specialist designers and between them they have won over 50 industry awards for design and marketing, leading to their current position as a premium bathroom retailer.