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Eco Vehicles Could Save Up To 20% on Petrol Costs

Rochdale Borough Council could reduce fuel costs for its refuse lorries by as much as a fifth after taking delivery of 10 new environmentally friendly vehicles.

Councillor Jacqui Beswick, Cabinet Member for Place and Regulation, said: “It’s great that the council is trying to look after the environment by utilising this newer fuel-saving technology.”

Bin lifts fitted to the back of the vehicles used to be powered by the vehicle’s engine so burnt fuel even when stationary, but the new models are powered electrically so it is estimated this could save 15 to 20 per cent on fuel consumption, as well as producing fewer carbon dioxide emissions.

As engines won’t need to run all the time the vehicles will also be less noisy, producing less than 57 dB 9A) of noise in operation, meaning a better night’s sleep and no early wake-up call for residents.

The back is also fitted with a sonar sensor anti-spillage system which detects waste that has not been fully tipped from bins and sets off an automatic shake until it has been dislodged.


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