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Hutschenreuther Collector's Items 2019: porcelain egg and heart
Hutschenreuther Collector's Items 2019: porcelain egg and heart

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Hutschenreuther - Easter 2019 Porcelain egg and heart

Hutschenreuther Collector’s Editions Easter 2019

Collectors’ pulses will quicken at the sight of porcelain eggs and hearts in 2019, with the customary vivid colours and lovingly created bunny designs. Against a cheerful backdrop, Easter bunnies sell their gorgeously painted Easter eggs at the spring market, tend to their meticulously planted vegetable gardens or enjoy the warm spring sunshine on a group outing. The various Easter scenes are artfully centred within elegant frames of finely drawn flowers and green vines as well as delicate, fresh blue ribbons.

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Olga Masliuk

Olga Masliuk

Press contact PR Trainee 00499287 72371

Porcelain made by Rosenthal

Rosenthal stands for innovation and design, quality, exquisite craftsmanship and finest porcelain. Since 1879.

Rosenthal GmbH
Philip-Rosenthal-Platz 1
95100 Selb
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