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Rosenthal Heritage Collection: Decor "Dynasty" honors the family legacy.
Rosenthal Heritage Collection: Decor "Dynasty" honors the family legacy.

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Rosenthal Heritage Collection - Dynasty

Rosenthal Heritage Collection - Dynasty

Italian designer Gianni Cinti translates the history and traditions of Rosenthal into the here and now. The Rosenthal Heritage collection is an eclectic interplay of shapes, colours and patterns from different eras and cultures, interwoven with personal memories.

"In the 140-year history of Rosenthal, various forms of visual expression overlap," says Gianni Cinti, who was surprised by the treasures he discovered in the Rosenthal Archive in Selb. The designer worked with porcelain for the first time and is fascinated by the material. Because it is modern, versatile and one of the oldest materials of all. While the décors Midas, Turandot and Dynasty differ strikingly from each other, a visual bracket made of gold tones holds the collection together. All three designs include Cinti's extremely imaginative handwriting and the abstracted borrowings from Rosenthal's history. He sees the decors as "new classics" passed down from generation to generation.

Each of the three décor themes is understood as a holistic concept and complemented by matching drinking glass series and linen napkins from Rosenthal as well as accessories from Sambonet.

Family legacy: Dynasty

The collection “Dynasty” is based on history and imagination. The surrealistic, rich pattern tells the story of any family business from Renaissance to Contemporary in all parts of Europe by using a lot of symbols as the cornucopia, the tree of life and birds in a new language between Art Nouveau and Persian miniatures as well as the open books and the old-fashioned portraits inspired from Italian silhouette „cameo“.

In these motifs, Gianni Cinti revisits and reinterprets a series of elements that typify his personal and artistic path: his connections to places where he lived and to experiences from his personal life and professional experiences - the rigorous composition of Gianfranco Ferrè’s textile prints, for example, and his colour juxtapositions – such as black, Prussian blue, chocolate – typical of men’s fashion. Gold, a recurring element in the entire series, stands for the heraldic, the elegance and the family ‘s legacy. A golden vignette on some pieces of the collection and subtle rays in the décor create dignity and divinity. The super-rich pattern, especially on the place plates, is consisting of different layers of symbols and motifs, which give the collection a three-dimensional look.

As an addition to the dining collection, Gianni Cinti created a candle holder, vases and boxes as well as a glass series that harmonizes perfectly with the porcelain, imitating the rays of the décor as a relief on the surface of the mouth-blown glasses.

Gianni Cinti (*1979) is at home in many worlds: in product design and fashion as well as in illustration and graphic design. He received his design training at the Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche in Urbino. Cinti works for companies such as Sambonet, Rosenthal and Pininfarina as well as for fashion brands such as Marithé + François Girbaud, Alberta Ferretti and many others. Before becoming self-employed as a designer and consultant with his own studio in Milan, he worked for five years as assistant to the Italian fashion designer Gianfranco Ferré.
He is currently a design consultant for many international companies. Cosmopolite, curious traveler, and passionate about contemporary art, he is a Visiting Professor at numerous universities all over the world and teaches Personal Design at the “Istituto Europeo di Design” in Milan, the city where he lives and works.

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