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Rosenthal Pierre Silver Collection
Rosenthal Pierre Silver Collection

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Rosenthal - Silver Collection Vege and Pierre

Silver Collection: Vege and Pierre

The Rosenthal brand is adding two new designs to its popular collection of silver-plated picture frames. With its striking, vertical stripes and modern look, "Vege" is reminiscent of the Rosenthal Ode vase and its design inspired by a Roman column. The new "Pierre" design is much more cheerful and works well in both simply and classically furnished rooms. The raised pattern of honeycomb shapes dotted along the delicate silver-plated surface makes the frames brightly reflective.

The photo frames in the Rosenthal Silver Collection now include a total of seven designs and are available in a variety of sizes. The silver-plated surface is sealed with a special protective lacquer that makes polishing unnecessary.

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