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The perfect vase for the perfect bouquet: The new Rosenthal collection "Vesi" provides the right vase for every type of flower arrangement.
The perfect vase for the perfect bouquet: The new Rosenthal collection "Vesi" provides the right vase for every type of flower arrangement.

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Rosenthal - Vesi

Rosenthal Vase Collection “Vesi”/Design: Mikko Laakkonen

Water is, in the truest sense of the word, the source of life and appears to us in ever new forms, without us being consciously aware of it. The Finnish designer Mikko Laakkonen is fascinated by the unobtrusive beauty of this element and captures its manifold forms in the Rosenthal vase collection "Vesi" (Finnish: water) in delicate porcelain. Two reliefs characterize the Scandinavian-inspired series: while "Wavelet" imitates the calm flowing waves of water on the outside of the vases, "Droplet" trenchantly places large and small drops on the shiny porcelain. The result is a successful mix of look and feel - the vases impress with beautiful design and feel good.

"Vases basically play two roles. One is to let the flowers take the big stage and take themselves back. The other is to stand on stage as a soloist. I want to design vases that don't impose themselves but still express their individual character. So they can play both roles - depending on the situation." (Mikko Laakkonen)

With "Vesi", Rosenthal focuses on casual aesthetics for every day. "Wavelet" and "Droplet" are available in white in four different sizes each (16, 18, 20 and 25 cm) and thus offer the right vase for every bouquet. Mikko Laakkonen has consulted florists for the development of the vases and incorporated their suggestions into the design process. The result is an independent and uncomplicated collection that leaves the flowers the stage but also convinces solo.

Little but fierce. Despite its delicate 18 cm, the smallest of the "Vesi" vases tames even long-stemmed grasses and stems. It does not always have to be a whole bouquet: Here, even single, delicate flowers get the attention they deserve.

Big is beautiful. The bulbous and wide shape of the 16 cm vase is the perfect home for compactly bound bouquets or short-stemmed flowers.

Casual elegance. With a large radius but a slim body, the 20 cm vase is an elegant all-rounder. It blooms with long-stemmed large flowers and delicate grasses. But also heavy and sweeping bouquets find a hold in it and can shine in all their beauty.

Naturally wild! The really big appearance is easily achieved with the largest of the "Vesi" vases. With its cylinder-like shape and 25 cm height, it offers perfect hold for long and untamed stems. Glossy porcelain white and aesthetic structure form the perfect counterpart to the ultimate plant colour: green!

Mikko Laakkonen was born in Espoo in 1974. After graduating as an instrument maker, he studied furniture design at the Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences and later received his master's degree from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki. After working for several years in various design and architecture companies, Mikko founded Studio Mikko Laakonen in 2004. He has received a number of international and national awards, including the German Design Award (2017), Finnish Designer Awards '14 and Reddot Design Award (2012).

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