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Rosenthal - Year of the Tiger Zodiac Plate/Design: iSHONi

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Rosenthal - Year of the Tiger Zodiac Plate/Design: iSHONi

Energetic, proud and determined: as the third animal of the Chinese horoscope, the tiger is a strongwilled

free spirit. The font of golden yellow is adorned by two lithe tigers with a sharp gaze from green-blue eyes. A Yin and Yang sign symbolises the duality of life. Framed by water lilies and seaweed, the flag of the plate combines Chinese as well as Buddhist symbols of luck. Golden coins stand for wealth, prosperity and power. 

The title “Courage and Renaissance” on the back of the collector’s plate stands for the courage of new beginnings and the strength of a fresh start.



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Olga Masliuk

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