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Bringing the heritage collection of Emilio Pucci up to date: new Rosenthal decor Zadig.
Bringing the heritage collection of Emilio Pucci up to date: new Rosenthal decor Zadig.

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Rosenthal - Zadig

Rosenthal Emilio Pucci “Zadig” Limited Re-Edition

Rosenthal captures the spirit of the Italian fashion brand Emilio Pucci bringing the heritage collection up to date - with the “Zadig” decor. This three-piece porcelain set in a limited series of 100, draws on the pioneering collaboration between the Florentine designer and Rosenthal to give the possibility to collectors and younger generations to experience the “Zadig” collection from the year 1974.

In 1961, Rosenthal launched its studio line inviting artists, designers and architects to create decorative objects and limited-edition sets. Emilio Pucci was the first fashion designer asked to participate and the partnership marked the beginning of Pucci’s expansion to home furnishing and the myriad of ground-breaking lifestyle projects. Today, while working on the book “Unexpected Pucci” - recently published by Rizzoli New York - the Florentine brand’s heritage team guided by Laudomia Pucci decided to launch a limited and numbered heritage re-edition of selected printed porcelains.

As if it was wrapped in one of Emilio Pucci’s silk scarves, the porcelains ‘simple form underscores the striking decor, while the black background lets the colours shine, lending them depth at the same time. Inspired by the philosophical novel by Voltaire, the swirling motif of the „Zadig“ print accompanied the launch Emilio Pucci’s Orient-inspired fragrance in 1972. Precious gems form a ribbon as though threaded on a chain, which circles the rim of the vase and plate and gives the pattern a frame. Each item bears the Rosenthal logo and the “Emilio Pucci” signature as an element integrated into the decor, a specially made stamp that highlights the collaboration and marks each piece as limited.

The re-edition shows the powerful modernity of the Florentine brand which celebrating its colours and dynamic, unconventional lifestyle. Founded by Marchese Emilio Pucci di Barsento in 1947, the brand was immediately distinguished for the groundbreaking use of colours and prints, which set it aside from its contemporaries. Hailed internationally as the “Prince of Prints, Emilio Pucci has invented more than 500 different colours that are used in Pucci collections today in the newest combinations, on the most diverse objects and products.

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Rosenthal may have one of the longest traditions of Germany‘s companies, but is also one of the most modern. Just as we did when we were originally founded over 140 years ago, Rosenthal develops products equally for discerning end customers and for exacting professional clients from the restaurant and hotel trade. Our products stand out with exceptional form, function, quality and craftsmanship and represent a cultural asset “made in Germany”, never ceasing to combine innovation and creativity. With its award-winning porcelain design, trendy lifestyle collections and modern, elegant classics, the Rosenthal brand raises the bar time and again for aesthetics and individuality.

Established figures from the worlds of architecture, design and art, but also the hottest newcomers and talents design avant-garde dinner table collections, foster a joy of giving and create sophisticated furnishings. The collections are manufactured in the Rosenthal porcelain factory in Selb and the “Thomas am Kulm” porcelain factory in Speichersdorf, which offer some of the porcelain industry‘s most advanced production facilities anywhere in the world and deliver sustainable manufacturing with careful use of resources thanks to the forward- looking investments that have been made. 

New interior collections and accessories enrich the Rosenthal world by adding designer objects that go far beyond the limits of a conventional table setting and round off the huge product variety.

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