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Eye-catcher in various colours and shapes: the Gio Ponti Centrepiece by Sambonet.
Eye-catcher in various colours and shapes: the Gio Ponti Centrepiece by Sambonet.

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Sambonet - Gio Ponti

Sambonet Gio Ponti 2020

The charming centrepiece gives rise to a capsule collection dedicated to the Gio Ponti design. Sophisticated design objects that, in addition to perfect lines, feature trending colours to change the look of a table setting or simply to lend a character to any type of location.

The project of the Centrepiece was unpublished up to 2013 – when Sambonet finally brought the project to light – it was immediately awarded the most prestigious international Design recognitions, soon becoming one of the most representative creations that the Master has dedicated to the table. This masterpiece reflects the maturity of his work, which spans both the architectural rationalism of the XX century and the anthropological principles on which he founded his own theory, according to which man’s habits determine the form of everyday objects. The timeless contemporaneity of this object lies in the symmetry of the two bowls with feet that, together, create a perfect quasi-spherical volume that, according to the vision of Ponti, could be suitable for many different purposes.

Today the Centrepiece is available in three formats and in a fascinating palette of colours that further open the object up to new uses and moods. In addition to the original stainless-steel, silver- and gold-plated version, Sambonet offers a pretty miniature and an intermediate size, both proposed in the eye-catching PVD 2Black, Champagne, Gold and Rum finishes.

In its larger size it can undoubtedly dominate a location or create striking fruit and flower compositions on the table. In its smaller size the Centrepiece takes on its own personality. From a design accessory it may become - for design lovers - an exclusive wedding gift or even be interpreted as an individual serving piece in a spectacular place setting.

Gio Ponti was born in Milan in 1891. In 1921 he graduated in architecture at the “Politecnico di Milano” University and began his professional activity in association with other architects of Milan. In 1923 Gio Ponti made his public debut at the first Biennial Exhibition of the Decorative Arts in Monza, which was followed by his involvement in organizing the subsequent Triennial Exhibitions of Monza and Milan. Following his commitment to the ceramics manufacturing industry, in 1928 he founded the “Domus” magazine. From 1936 to 1961 he was professor at the faculty of Architecture at the “Politecnico di Milano” University. Father of the made in Italy design, Gio Ponti is the greatest exponent of Italian rationalism: through his constant architectural search one can find an extreme synthesis and formal balance in all his works.

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