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Arzberg forms operate under the Rosenthal and Thomas brand names

Selb, February 2024 - Rosenthal is simplifying its brand structure in 2024. The Arzberg Cucina and Tric forms will be part of the Thomas brand, while 1382 and Joyn will be marketed under the Rosenthal label.

Founded in 1887, the traditional German brand Arzberg has been part of Rosenthal GmbH since 2013 and has brought multiple award-winning forms to the market over the decades.

In 1931, for example, the young graduate engineer Hermann Gretsch designed the aesthetic, modern and functional utility porcelain Form 1382, which was later even exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The Form Tric, based on an idea by designer Michael Sieger, is the ideal combination of style, functionality, quality and elegance. The simple, conical designs are reduced to the essentials and have already won several design awards.

Cucina, created by Hans-Wilhelm Seitz, stands for pure understatement. The uncomplicated and robust design makes the collection a favourite porcelain for every day.

Joyn porcelain and stoneware, designed by the British design studio Levien, epitomise an effortless, elegant style of the highest quality.

By integrating the collections into the Rosenthal and Thomas ranges, Rosenthal aims to give the four popular Arzberg shapes even more internationality and visibility in future.

"The aim of the new brand structure is to achieve more growth and broader distribution for these beautiful series and to make them more international," says Rosenthal┬┤s CEO Lotte Franch, "Nothing will change in terms of the high quality and outstanding design of these products, which stand for aesthetics, functionality and durability. The article structure will also remain the same. The moulds will simply be given a new bottom stamp."

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From Porcelain Pioneer to an International Design Company

Rosenthal products are characterised by design, function, quality and constant innovation. Established designers and trendy newcomers create avant-garde collections for the table as well as exclusive gifts. Rosenthal has been producing porcelain "Made in Germany" with exceptional craftsmanship for 145 years. Rosenthal produces in its own factories at Rothb├╝hl in Selb and in Speichersorf.


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