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Rosenthal Highlights presented at Maison et Objet 2019

The spectrum of products that Rosenthal is presenting at the Maison et Objét design show ranges from the most extravagant to the most opulent. Bienvenue à Paris!

Rosenthal Cilla Marea 
Inspired by the rugged beauty of the sea and those who brave its waves, Italian tattoo artist Pietro Sedda and his label The Saint Mariner created a series of stunning designs for Rosenthal in watercolour and ink. The combination of his exceptional, light brush strokes and archaic figures creates a unique aesthetic, merging dream with reality, the figurative with the floral and the graphic with the metaphorical. The gift collection includes four designs that appear on plates, travel mugs, cups and bowls, as well as a limited-edition vase featuring an additional design. The unusual gold titanium coating on the espresso and tea cups lends them an extra special quality.

Rosenthal Zaha Hadid
The Lapp vase collection is characterized by tear-drop-shaped openings and an elaborate
combination of matte and shiny surfaces. Flower arrangements can be both classic and highly
playful, with flowers leaning out to the side. Where the Weave series embodies the perfect
interplay of intertwining flowing lines matching Hadid’s handwriting exactly, the Strip collection
has a sculptural feel to it. A dynamic vase body emerges from a rigid square that functions as a
base, reaching skyward like a tall building before coming to rest in a perfect round opening.

Rosenthal Phi
Cairn Young has designed the Phi collection for Rosenthal featuring five vases with striking surface structures: Freeze, Spindrift, City, Manhattan and Snow. Complex, spiral-shaped geometric patterns cover the white porcelain bodies, transforming them into sculptural objects with an innovative 3D effect. Triangles become frosty blossoms, crystals become snowflakes and cubic shapes form a skyline. The effect made by light refracting on the vase surfaces adds a poetic element. These items are beautiful both as standalone pieces or arranged as a decorative vase ensemble.

Rosenthal meets Versace Euphoria
Rosenthal meets Versace welcomes its newest addition – the limited edition Euphoria vases, sophistically crafted from the finest porcelain. Inspired by the idea of a rotating mythical Medusa head, each of the vases represents a different pace of movement: slow – in which the Gorgon’s facial features are more prominent, fast –accentuating her snake-like hair and the fastest – with horizontal lines that emulate accelerated motion. The vases are available in white and gold as a three

Rosenthal meets Versace Medusa Rhapsody
A rhapsody of color and detail – the Medusa Rhapsody collection of fine porcelain adds that oh-so-Versace touch to any dining room. The Medusa and baroque flowers are painted in opulent golden shades, while key items feature the Versace 90s Vintage logo label. Crafted out of the highest quality porcelain, the collection consists of tableware, coffee and tea sets, étagères and home décor such as vases, ashtrays and decorative dishes.

Sambonet Tailor made
Make your flatware unique in a few simple steps. A wide range of models to choose from: modern, classic or´more design-oriented. Glossy, silver-plated, Vintage or Antique finishes, mixed with fascinating colours - thanks to futuristic PVD technology. Last but not least, the engraving of a logo that adds a touch of style, a monogram that represents a stroke of personality or a date that marks an unforgettable moment in time.

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Rosenthal may have one of the longest traditions of Germany‘s companies, but is also one of the most modern. Just as we did when we were originally founded 140 years ago, Rosenthal develops products equally for discerning end customers and for exacting professional clients from the restaurant and hotel trade. Our products stand out with exceptional form, function, quality and craftsmanship and represent a cultural asset “made in Germany”, never ceasing to combine innovation and creativity. With its award-winning porcelain design, trendy lifestyle collections and modern, elegant classics, the Rosenthal brand raises the bar time and again for aesthetics and individuality.

Established figures from the worlds of architecture, design and art, but also the hottest newcomers and talents design avant-garde dinner table collections, foster a joy of giving and create sophisticated furnishings. The collections are manufactured in the Rosenthal porcelain factory in Selb and the “Thomas am Kulm” porcelain factory in Speichersdorf, which offer some of the porcelain industry‘s most advanced production facilities anywhere in the world and deliver sustainable manufacturing with careful use of resources thanks to the forward- looking investments that have been made. 

New interior collections and accessories enrich the Rosenthal world by adding designer objects that go far beyond the limits of a conventional table setting and round off the huge product variety.

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Iris Reichstein

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