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Wanderlust: Travelling in pandemic times with Rosenthal & Rosenthal meets Versace

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Wanderlust: Travelling in pandemic times with Rosenthal & Rosenthal meets Versace

In times when travelling to distant countries can only take place in the mind or virtually, wanderlust is becoming stronger and stronger. The new Rosenthal collections satisfy somewhat the longing for faraway places and explore culinary travelling. Exotic China, idyllic nature in France and flower meadows in the Swiss Alps, expressive colours of Italy and tropical gardens in Bali inspired our designers to create colourful décors by Rosenthal and Rosenthal meets Versace. Ready for our spectacular journey around the world? 

Rosenthal Heritage: Turandot/Design: Gianni Cinti

Inspired by Puccini’s famous opera, the pattern “Turandot” pays homage to eighteenth-century chinoiserie - a source of inspiration also for Rosenthal’s very first projects in the 19th century. Turandot is very enigmatic and full of beauty, building a bridge between East and West, past and present. Gianni Cinti transformed the image of a Chinese lake with bamboo, peony petals, dragonflies and gingko leaves with calligraphic precision on fine porcelain. The pattern seems very evocative and understandable at first sight – but it gets more sophisticated and delicate the longer you look at it. 

As the connection between the East and the West is crucial for this collection, Rosenthal added some particularly Chinese dining items to it: rice bowl, porcelain spoon, chopsticks, rectangular dishes and platters as well as a tea box.

Rosenthal Magic Garden/Design: Sacha Walckhoff

Seeds, shoots, flowers: "Magic Garden" is a recurring wonder of nature on your dining table, inspired by plants from the pharmacy garden. The hortus medicus was the inspiration for the highly patterned and vibrantly coloured collection with three independent decors: "Black Seeds", "Foliage" and "Blossom" symbolise the development stages of a plant: from seeds and seedlings to shoots and flowers.

"Magic Garden" decors build on each other, increasing from pure black and white contrasts to green tones and a comprehensive colour palette. The new table objects bring additional individuality to the laid table and also convince as beautiful individual pieces.

Rosenthal Brillance Fleurs Sauvages/Decorative design: Regula Stüdli

It looks as if the flower children had picked fresh blossoms and grasses and then let them fall, lost in their dreams. With an almost supernatural naturalness, the floral dreams of Swiss designer Regula Stüdli flourish in a surreal garden of the Fleurs Sauvages décor. The fantastic floral arrangements form a delightful contrast to the practical elegance of the Brillance form.

The collection stands not only for a thin porcelain, light weight, high transparency and a warm shine of the surface, but also for its elegant design.

"Palm Leaves" Heritage Edition/Design: Emilio Pucci

Rosenthal captures the spirit of Italian fashion brand Emilio Pucci by introducing in the expressive new vase edition the "Palm Leaves" décor. The Pucci Collection is a tribute to the charismatic Florentine fashion designer who revolutionized the fashion world of the 60s and 70s with colorful, memorable and psychedelic patterns.

Rosenthal meets Versace Jungle Animalier Collection

The fine porcelain collection fuses the iconic Jungle print with animalier patterns and heritage Medusa accents. Drawing inspiration from the legendary design famously reprised on the Versace Spring-Summer 2020 runway and the book “South Beach Stories”, an iconic photographic book by the Versace family, the Jungle Animalier line refreshes tableware in a vivid color palette. Crafted in exceptional quality porcelain, the collection encompasses a range of plates, coffee and tea sets, an array of a vases and decorative home accents.



Rosenthal may have one of the longest traditions of Germany‘s companies, but is also one of the most modern. Just as we did when we were originally founded over 140 years ago, Rosenthal develops products equally for discerning end customers and for exacting professional clients from the restaurant and hotel trade. Our products stand out with exceptional form, function, quality and craftsmanship and represent a cultural asset “made in Germany”, never ceasing to combine innovation and creativity. With its award-winning porcelain design, trendy lifestyle collections and modern, elegant classics, the Rosenthal brand raises the bar time and again for aesthetics and individuality.

Established figures from the worlds of architecture, design and art, but also the hottest newcomers and talents design avant-garde dinner table collections, foster a joy of giving and create sophisticated furnishings. The collections are manufactured in the Rosenthal porcelain factory in Selb and the “Thomas am Kulm” porcelain factory in Speichersdorf, which offer some of the porcelain industry‘s most advanced production facilities anywhere in the world and deliver sustainable manufacturing with careful use of resources thanks to the forward- looking investments that have been made. 

New interior collections and accessories enrich the Rosenthal world by adding designer objects that go far beyond the limits of a conventional table setting and round off the huge product variety.


Barbara Stockinger-Torelli

Press contact Pr Manager +49 170 413 8510

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