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IQ actuators installed on Russian oil transhipment terminal
IQ actuators installed on Russian oil transhipment terminal

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Rotork provide flow control to Russian oil transhipment terminal

Over 100 IQ part-turn intelligent electric actuators have been installed on an oil terminal on the Black Sea coast, at Novorossiysk, in southern Russia.

IPP is part of Russian port operator NCSP Group. The terminal that IPP operate at Novorossiysk (in partnership with Novorossiysk Commercial Seaport) specialises in storage and transhipment of oil products and vegetable oils. The terminal provides services for receiving cargo from rail, road and ship transport, then ships it onwards in sea vessels.

The IQ electric actuators have been installed on the quarter-turn rotary disc valves and ball valves that control the flow of petroleum products.

Rotork’s latest IQ actuators were chosen partly because of Rotork’s established presence in similar applications in the region. This was achieved thanks to the effective work of its partner Energosila and their extensive positive experience of operating Rotork products at various oil terminals and refineries in the southern region of Russia.

The customer cited the accuracy of regulation, reliability and durability of Rotork’s flow control equipment as reasons for choosing actuators from the IQ range for this application. Electric actuation was preferred over pneumatic or hydraulic options. The lack of any need to build a compressor station to constantly maintain the supply pressure in the pneumatic pipeline, as was the case with previous pneumatic applications, was considered a huge benefit. The ability to work at high temperatures with high salt content in the air was necessary, as the facility is located directly on the Black Sea coast. IQ part-turn actuators can operate within a temperature range of -30 to +70 °C (-22 to +158 °F).

IQT3 actuators offer reliable valve control and continuous tracking at all times, even without power, thanks to the innovative absolute encoder. They are double-sealed and certified to IP66/68 (20 m for 10 days) This ingress protection is essential in an environment with high salt and water levels in the atmosphere. They have an advanced dual stacked display (allowing a high definition LCD display to operate to -30 °C), configurable data logger technology and a setting tool with a secure Bluetooth® connection. This setting tool allows for operation, interrogation and configuration up to 100 metres away.




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Sarah Kellett
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Sarah Kellett

Sarah Kellett

Press contact Group Marketing Communications Manager +44 1225 733200
Luke Perry

Luke Perry

Press contact Technical Copywriter +44 1225 733200

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