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New fire extinguisher eliminates servicing costs

A revolutionary new fire extinguisher, guaranteed for ten years and requiring no external maintenance, has just been launched. The ground breaking Britannia Fireworld extinguisher is made using Kevlar, a super-strength material usually more associated with bullet-proof vests, which will not corrode or rust, and will save customers hundreds of pounds in servicing costs.

“There are raised eyebrows when I tell people we have a fire extinguisher made of composite plastic,” says Harry Dewick-Eisele, managing director Safelincs who supply the product online, “but when they see the product they immediately understand its advantages and potential applications.”

The extinguisher is produced by established UK manufacturer Britannia and overcomes issues associated with metal extinguishers. It doesn’t need servicing during its ten year guaranteed life and can be used anywhere as it will not corrode. This has immediate benefits in areas such as swimming pools, offshore wind farms and lifeboat stations although any organisation looking to cut its maintenance costs will soon see its potential.

Safelincs provide a free installation and site survey where one of its BAFE certified engineers will ensure that the correct extinguishers are installed throughout the premises.  A nominated employee then just needs to undertake the manufacturer’s simple three-step self-maintenance check once a year.

The Fireworld range has undergone the most stringent endurance testing and has passed with flying colours. Much of its strength is derived from the inner plastic cylinder which is cocooned by densely wrapped Kevlar threads. Gruelling tests involve regular samples being charged and discharged 12,000 times to 25 bar pressure before being subjected to the EN3 Burst test where all extinguishers have to pass a minimum 55 bar pressure testing, however Fireworld extinguishers have a burst pressure consistently reaching in excess of 80 bar.

“We believe this will be very advantageous for organisations looking to cut their CO2 emissions and maintenance costs,” continues Dewick-Eisele. “And traditional metal fire extinguishers often experience corrosion issues especially when used in areas that are subject to moisture. A composite plastic extinguisher overcomes these problems.”

Fireworld extinguishers currently come in two models, foam and dry powder, and are produced to the highest standard gaining EN3 approval. Online retailer Safelincs has worked closely with the manufacturers to bring them to market and is the first company selling them over the internet.


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