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Fischer Panda UK has donated a generator to Natasha Lambert for her Atlantic crossing on catamaran 'Blown Away' later this year
Fischer Panda UK has donated a generator to Natasha Lambert for her Atlantic crossing on catamaran 'Blown Away' later this year

Press release -

Fischer Panda UK Powers Natasha Lambert’s Atlantic Dream

Dorset company backs young disabled sailor by supplying generator, watermaker and air-conditioning system for installation onboard 46ft catamaran ‘Blown Away’

Fischer Panda UK is powering the dreams of young disabled sailor Natasha Lambert in her attempt to become the first person to sail across the Atlantic by breath control.

Providing vital systems for Natasha’s 46ft catamaran ‘Blown Away’, the Verwood-based company has donated a Panda PMS 9000 ND generator and supplied a watermaker and air-conditioning system. The equipment has been installed on the yacht as it undergoes special adaptation by Wight Shipyard, Isle of Wight, ready to sail across the Atlantic Ocean as part of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers 2019 (ARC) starting in November this year. The catamaran will be the largest boat to be converted to breath control.

Natasha, 21, who has quadriplegic athetoid cerebral palsy, sails using breath control, a specially adapted system developed by her father, Gary, using open source software. The sip-puff system utilises a single straw that enables Natasha to control both the steering or helm, and the sails.

The Fischer Panda generator will power the watermaker and air-conditioning, as well as the electrics, electric winches and other equipment, during the three-week crossing from the Canaries to St Lucia in the Caribbean.

Natasha said: “Thank you so much for your help to make my dream of sailing an ocean possible – I can’t wait to sail across the Atlantic.”

Gary Lambert added: “The Fischer Panda donation will make blue water sailing a reality. This has been a huge project for us to take on, the cost of which is phenomenal, so to receive this major piece of equipment is a real boost. Natasha has taken on many challenges in the past, but this will be her biggest challenge yet!”

The 7.5kW/9kVA Panda PMS 9000 ND generator offers the advantages of the classic asynchronous generator, delivering a high degree of safety and reliability. Compact and lightweight, the unit is encased in a super-silent sound insultation system to ensure quiet operation.

As complete systems suppliers, Fischer Panda was also able to supply reverse cycle units to provide extensive air-conditioning throughout Natasha’s yacht, with a 12,000 BTU unit for the port hull, two 6,000 BTU units for the starboard forward and aft cabins, and two 16,000 BTU units to cool the saloon.

Providing safe drinking water to avoid the need to store large quantities on-board ‘Blown Away’, the Fischer Panda UK watermaker produces 70 litres per hour and is very easy to use and maintain with quiet, smooth operation.

Natasha is raising awareness of disabled sailing, and just what is possible with teamwork. She will be fundraising for three water-based charities - the RNLI, The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust and the MissIsle School of Sip-puff Sailing. For more information, visit which includes links to social media for updates.

Celebrating 25 years in business in 2019, Fischer Panda UK offers full-system capability, servicing and aftercare, supplying marine generators, electric propulsion, air-conditioning, watermakers, and power monitoring and control solutions. The company supplies an extensive range of compact diesel generators including its next generation highly efficient and powerful variable speed iSeries-Generators.

Fischer Panda will be at Crick Boat Show, Seawork International and Southampton Boat Show. For more information about Fischer Panda UK’s range of products, go to


For further information, please contact:

Chris Fower

Fischer Panda

+44 (0)1202 820840


Jules Riegal

Saltwater Stone

+44 (0) 1202 669244

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About Fischer Panda UK

Celebrating its 25th anniversary year, Fischer Panda UK Ltd offers full-system design capability, servicing and aftercare as a leading distributor of diesel generators and a major supplier of the latest technology in air-conditioning systems, hybrid electric propulsion systems, integrated mobile power solutions and watermakers for a variety of commercial and leisure vessels.

Renowned worldwide as innovative, reliable and extremely quiet, the extensive Fischer Panda range of compact diesel generators includes its next generation highly efficient and powerful variable speed iSeries-Generators. Fischer Panda generators from the Panda 4000s Neo up to the next generation iSeries Panda 45i genset have passed type approval by members of the IACS (International Association of Classification Societies) board.

Other world-class products from Fischer Panda UK include desalination systems from Sea Recovery, HRO, and Village Marine, with models suitable for day-boats to warships and offshore platforms, plus air-conditioning systems from leading marine HVAC supplier Dometic, CZone digital switching and Mastervolt power solutions.

Fischer Panda UK is ISO UKAS 9000/1 accredited and operates from a purpose built 9,000 sq. ft facility in Verwood, Dorset. Its experienced engineers, sales and operational staff work with OEMs to develop integrated systems for custom vessels and offer specialist technical support and on-going aftercare to its customers.

Also active in the military and automotive sectors, the company works with UK MOD and other armies around the world providing solutions for specialist vehicle and land-based applications. Two thirds of Formula 1 mobile truck units install Fischer Panda generators, as do the BBC, Sky and many other mobile broadcasting vehicles.

Operating since 1977, Fischer Panda GmbH is headquartered in Paderborn, Germany. The Fischer Panda team covers more than 500 technicians and partners in over 90 countries worldwide.

About Natasha Lambert

Natasha Lambert BEM, multi award-winning disabled sailor and adventurer.

Natasha lives in Cowes, Isle of Wight, the home of British Sailing. Despite being born with Quadriplegic cerebral palsy, Natasha is one of those individuals who is unwilling to accept the word ‘can’t’. This tenacity has enabled Natasha to achieve feats which most people would have considered impossible; from sailing the seas of Britain to scaling mountains, she is an unstoppable force! Despite this determination and single mindedness, she still remains very modest about her extraordinary achievements and would invariably consider others before herself. In short, an inspirational person.

Awards to date:

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