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Las cámaras de la serie FLIR M300 están diseñadas para los marineros profesionales y los equipos de respuesta más exigentes que operan en los entornos marinos más hostiles.
Las cámaras de la serie FLIR M300 están diseñadas para los marineros profesionales y los equipos de respuesta más exigentes que operan en los entornos marinos más hostiles.

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FLIR presenta la serie M300 de cámaras náuticas

ARLINGTON, Va, Octubre 09, 2019 - FLIR Systems (Nasdaq: FLIR) today announced the FLIR M300 series, a new generation of nautical thermal imaging cameras that offer advanced situational awareness technologies, safer navigation and seamless integration with shipboard systems. The FLIR M300 series cameras are designed for the most demanding professional navigators and emergency services working in the toughest marine environments.

The new generation M300 series, successor of the leading M series in the marine camera sector, consists of five models with new and robust housings with pan and tilt, four models with the FLIR Boson TM thermal camera cores with a resolution of 640 or 320, and several lenses with fixed field of vision (FoV), in addition to a model of visible light only, the M300C, which has a high-definition, color and low-light camera with 30 × zoom.

The M300 series cameras provide safer navigation through enhanced image stabilization through an attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) sensor, which gives the captain a stable view even in coarse sea conditions. The M300 series is also designed to integrate with state-of-the-art nautical navigation screens, which includes the award-winning family of FLIR Raymarine Axiom ® multifunction displays .

The M364C and M364C LR models with dual sensors offer navigators more situational awareness thanks to the patented FLIR Color Thermal VisionTM (CTV) technology. This exclusive multispectral imaging technology for the FLIR M300 series and the FLIR Raymarine Axiom line shows a combination of thermographs and images with visible light in high definition color to facilitate the identification of buoys, boats and other lenses at night. In addition, the M364C and M364C LR models include FLIR's patented MSX ® image generation technology , which extracts edges and boundaries from the visible HD camera and combines these elements with thermal imaging, giving operators enhanced visual recognition of distant objects.

“The cameras in our FLIR M300 series use advanced image detection and generation technologies so that emergency services, commercial navigators and recreational vessel patterns can navigate more safely with poor visibility,” says Travis Merrill, president of the unit FLIR commercial business. "This professional-level nautical camera offers industry-leading performance and great integration with Raymarine Axiom navigation screens to take navigators to a new level of situational awareness."


  • M300C, camera with visible zoom HD single load, PVPR 6495 €
  • M332, 320 single-chamber thermal camera, 24 ° HFoV, PVPR 8495 €
  • M364, 640 single-chamber thermal camera, 24 ° HFoV, PVPR 14 195 €
  • M364C, 640 dual-load CTV camera, 24 ° HFoV, PVPR 20 495 €
  • M364C LR, long-range 640 dual-load CTV camera, 18 ° HFoV, PVPR 29 495 €

The FLIR M300 series camera models are now available through the FLIR network of nautical suppliers and retailers. For more information on the FLIR M300 series, visit .

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Karen Bartlett

Telephone: +44 (0) 1202 669244


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